More Delirium? Ukraine proposes to convert Crimea into island

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Ukraine could turn Crimea into an island, digging a channel on the border with the peninsula, said Anatoly Lopata, former head of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The retired colonel-general believes that Kiev will be able to fight against Russia in the maritime space around the Crimea.

“Since Russia is present today in Crimea, Moscow dominates its maritime space. We can separate the peninsula from the mainland with the help of a canal, so let’s turn it into an island,” Lopata said in an interview with Ukrainian website Obozrevatel .

According to the military, the canal should be 100 meters wide, as such a distance will allow for ships to sail through it.

This is not the first time that Ukraine proposed to implement a controversial initiative.

In May 2015, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk announced the beginning of the construction of a real border with Russia in the eastern part of Ukraine. The project was named “Stena” (wall) and was later renamed the European Wall.

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In spite of the pompous name, in reality the wall is a fairly simple fortification made of bars and barbed wire.

In the Supreme Rada – Ukrainian parliament – the construction was called “a hole worth 3.9 billion.”

The likelihood of seeing this realized is very low. As with the previous proposal, these are empty gestures, which prove that the Kiev Junta is incapable of rational or sovereign action. The wild dreams and fantasies which today predominate the Ukrainian military and government ministries are incompatible either with modern Russia or contemporary Europe.

The Crimea is a strategic position, and one populated by Russian identifying people, meaning that any referendum – the sort of which happened – would tend to wind up with a pro-Russian result.


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