NATO instructors training Ukrainian soldiers to attack towns and homes, as UAF shows off for the NATO inspectors visiting the front.

"They taught us more about storming cities and houses, that is, they mostly taught offensive assault."

Screen capture from NATO urban warfare training video
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From TASS:
NATO instructors prepare Ukrainian military personnel for offensive in Donbass
According to the detained soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in December of last year, NATO representatives were training Ukrainian soldiers in storming cities and houses

LUGANSK. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is conducting training of personnel for an offensive in the Donbass, using NATO instructors for this purpose. This was reported on Saturday by the detained serviceman of the 14th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yakov Veremeichik.

The Lugansk Information Center quotes Vermeichik: “In December 2017, we went to the Yavorivsky training ground in the Lviv region, where we were trained by NATO representatives: Americans, Canadians, Poles. “They taught us more about storming cities and houses, that is, they mostly taught offensive assault.”

Earlier, on May 26, the LPR People’s Police detained Ukrainian servicemen trying to cross the “gray zone.”

Since 2015, there are about 200 Canadian instructors within the Operation Unifier operation in Ukraine. Also in the country there are military experts from the US and Lithuania. They are training soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian army.

NATO’s encouragement has already extended to the front, where the presence of NATO inspectors has coincided with increased bombardment, as we see from an earlier TASS report:

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DONETSK, April 22.  Arrival of the group of NATO inspectors from Canada, Denmark and Norway to the line of delineation of the sides of the conflict in Donbass led to an aggravation of the situation in the region — Eduard Basurin.

“According to our information, a group of foreign inspectors who arrived in the conflict zone in the Donbass on April 15 is the main reason for the worsening of the situation on the contact line,” the Donetsk news agency quotes him.

Basurin added that the worsening is observed precisely on those sections of the line of delineation, where inspectors arrive: On April 17, foreigners inspected in the Gorlovka direction, and on the same day Gorlovka, Zaitsevo, and Shirokaya Balka were attacked. On April 20, when the inspectors were in the south of Donbass, there was a massive shelling of villages Sakhanka and Leninskoye.

“Destructions and casualties serve only to generate reports on the successful work of Colonel François Kasolit, the inspection chairman from Canada and his countryman Major Owen Bradbury, who arrived in the Donbass for the second time as part of such an inspection,” representative Basurin stressed. He added that at the moment, evidence is being collected of NATO’s involvement in the war crimes of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The materials will be submitted to the courts of the People’s Democratic Republic, and subsequently to international authorities.

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