Pentagon fears Russian and Chinese Star Wars

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The US Department of Defense has expressed concern about the possibility of Russian and Chinese weapons appearing in space in the “near future,” said Defense One.

Pentagon chief intelligence officer Lieutenant General Robert Ashley said that Russia and China are continuing to develop projects aimed at creating weapons capable of targeting satellites from both Earth and space.

“The respective technologies are being created right now,” he added.

Achley also stated that competition in this sector will increase in the future.

“The competition must increase, see the national security strategy, where it is recognized that our technological superiority is slowly disappearing,” he concluded.

Earlier, the director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, stated that Russia is concerned about the militarization of space, led by the United States.

The US administration is in the initial stage in creating the Space Force, said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

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Earlier, Trump ordered the Pentagon to immediately initiate the creation of the Space Force.

“We have to have American superiority in space,” said the US president, adding that his country cannot be behind Russia and China.

It is noteworthy that these plans were announced by Trump for the first time in March 2018, where he stressed that the new defense strategy does not exclude military actions in space.

Political scientist Konstantin Blokhin stressed that the idea of ​​achieving supremacy in space appeared in the United States several decades ago.

“The idea of ​​’Star Wars’ to this day stirs up the American elites who have a ‘fixed idea’ – that is, this global domain cannot be total if it does not comprise all spheres, ie airspace, sea, land and of course space. In the United States, in particular, its main opponents are Russia and China, so the US is trying to achieve total dominance,” Blokhin concluded.

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