Pentagon: US behind as Ballistic missile gap widens

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PENTAGON – The US does not have the necessary protection against intercontinental ballistic missiles from potential enemies, according to an article in The National Interest which quoted Pentagon Chief of Strategic Command General John Hyten.

According to Hyten, the United States must develop a system to combat Russian and Chinese missiles even before they are launched. He noted that potential adversaries have advanced a great deal in creating weapons taking into account the particularities of the American missile defense system.

“The number of missiles and their ability to target enemies continues to grow as more and more countries acquire more missiles and increase the technical potential specifically to face the US anti-missile system,” Hyten said.

The general thinks that the danger of modern missiles is so great that they are no longer enough to actively try to intercept them. He pointed out that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US had no one to oppose, but today Washington should not ignore strengthened military potential from other countries.

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“We can not succeed by investing only in active anti-missile defense assets – we have to reinforce and integrate all its pillars, including the ability to beat enemy missiles before they are even launched,” Hyten said.

In closing, the author of the article notes that the Pentagon now knows best about military successes rather than repelling actual attacks on intercontinental ballistic missiles.

This comes as China and Russia now have fully developed and modernized militaries which has now effectively ended Washington’s unipolar world order. Washington, at the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, assumed that it would dominate a unipolar world order and made no calculations to the rise of China and Russia. This was especially the case as it was bogged down in unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have severely strained the US economy.

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