Relentless provocation: Square in Kiev to be named after Nemtsov

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Today Rusvesna reported that the Commission for Names of the KSCA is supporting the idea to name the unnamed square near the Russian Embassy in Ukraine, in the Solomenskiy district of Kiev, after the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov with the aim of honoring his memory and work.

This is reported by the press service of the Moscow City Hall.

“On June 22 at the meeting of the commission the results of public hearings were announced. The results are almost 50/50: 357 votes in favor and 354 in favor. Members of the commission also decided: 15 – “for” and 2 “abstained”. “Against” – no one voted. And now, according to the procedure, it is recommended that the city’s head be given a proper idea of ​​the name of the square in honor of Boris Nemtsov in Kyivrad. Further – the decision for the deputies “, – quotes the press service of the deputy head of KSCA Alexei Reznikov.

These sorts of silly provocations  are day by day, superficial, and only create divisions and endless bickering within Ukrainian society. Russophobia is a weak substitute for stifling Ukrainian social criticism. Ukrainians who want better relations with Russia and also oppose the present coup-installed government, are maligned on all sides and outlawed in Ukraine.

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The Pravy Sektor and forces of the right publicly protest against government corruption and the misappropriation of billions of euros, but then use social anxiety also against Russia. This only prolongs and will make all the more surprising, to some, the ultimate and eventual return to normalized relations between Ukraine and Russia. The EU has not indicated any desire to add Ukraine to the EU, whereas Ukraine has an invitation and opportunity to join the Eurasian Union.

The Nemtsov case was exploited by standard western legacy media, and posed the possibility that the Kremlin may have had a hand in his murder. In reality, Nemtsov posed no danger or threat to the Russian establishment, and even as an opposition figure on the payroll of the US state department and embassy working in Moscow, he was nevertheless never so popular as to garner more than a few percentage points of the vote in any election.

But using his death was held up by Ukrainian pro-Europe liberals, of which there still seem to be five or six not either working directly for the Kiev Junta nor fled to Russia or Germany in search of work. Nemtsov’s case is similar to cases we have seen since, a person of marginal to no importance to the Kremlin, is worth more to the west dead than alive, is mysteriously killed – or an attempt is made – and ridiculous theories of modus operandi issue forward from the usual suspects.

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