Ron Paul: not the U.S – Russia and Assad defeated terrorists in Syria

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The United States is keen that terrorists never be defeated because it allows for perpetual war, said former US Congressman Ron Paul in his “Ron Paul Liberty Report” program.

Who bombed the Syrian army?

In the past two weeks there have been many threats from the United States over the Syrian government, Paul said, noting that the US has openly warned “do not do this or that, or you will have serious problems.”

“In fact, they were warning that they would not get in touch with our allies: Al-Qaeda,” said Paul.

According to him, the bombing of the Syrian Army on June 18 was a disaster that raises several questions. “We have nothing to do there, they defend their country and sovereignty,” he opined.

Who contributed most to the defeat of the terrorists?

Paul has ensured that there is no evidence that the US has done anything to counter terrorism. “It was the Russians and Assad who brought everything to the current situation, where we are about to get rid of any Al Qaeda influence,” he said.

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In fact, Ron Paul explained that the biggest threat to the US as a nation is to stay in a state of permanent war. He warned that the US government does not want the terrorists to be defeated.

“It’s a monster that justifies all military action and the need to spend more and more money on our security,” Paul said.

The former congressman compared the roles of Russia and the US in Syria. Paul pointed out that the US government does not have the authority to be in Syria, because the country is almost ten thousand kilometers from the United States and poses no threat to the security, constitution or liberties of the United States.

However, unlike the US that were not invited to Syria, Russia is there as a result of an official request. In addition, Russia is much closer to Syria and has a military base there.

“True hypocrisy is our justification for being there to defend our Constitution and freedoms, as well as to defeat the threat of Al Qaeda,” said Paul.

According to him, “it is difficult” for the truth to reach the Americans because Russia is always guilty.

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