All remaining ISIS terrorists are only in US-controlled areas


SYRIA – The US continues to strengthen its presence in Syria and is helping the Kurdish-led and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a source in the organization said. With regard to ISIS, the terrorist organization only thrives in areas close to US bases, raising concerns about the relationship between ISIS and the US.

In fact, during the few last days, the transport of heavy military equipment was carried out daily, informed the anonymous source.

“In the past four days the US has sent 250 trucks with armored Hummer vehicles, trucks and heavy weapons to fight ISIS east of Deir ez-Zor,” the source said.

The source also explained that ground transportation of military equipment is carried out from northern Iraq through the border post at Semelka, and from there trucks go on their way to Deir ez-Zor.

“There are three US military bases in the region and they are reinforcing their presence there,” he added. So far, the United States has delivered a total of 4,800 trucks with weapons and armored transports to the SDF.

Meanwhile ISIS still shows resistance in Syria only in the areas controlled by the United States, said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

The Russian ministry commented on the statement by the Pentagon chief that Syrian President Bashar Assad, backed by Iran and Russia, “would have led the Syrian people to the brink of catastrophe.” The US Defense Department also said that Kurdish fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces are “the only organization that has managed to defeat ISIS in Syria in an intense struggle.”

“Talking about the current situation in Syria, we recommend the Pentagon chief to study the map showing the deployment of forces in the country.” All remaining ISIS terrorists are only in US-controlled areas,” Konashenkov said.

According to a Russian ministry spokesman, government-controlled areas of Syria are being recovered and demined, companies, schools, and other institutions are operating. These regions receive humanitarian aid and food.

The “real catastrophe for the Syrian people”, according to Konashenkov, is in the region of Al-Tanf and in Raqqa, controlled by the US.

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Edgar Palacios
Edgar Palacios
3 years ago

Those bastards gringos are shameless ah?.

John Mason
John Mason
3 years ago

Logic tells you that where the ISIS have ‘failed’ the US have taken their position which means territory has been handed over and that they are one of the same.
Syria has nothing to lose by attacking the US bases and if ww3 starts then the blame surely rests with the US and the West and I doubt it would start ww3, can’t see the Europeans agreeing to be wiped out.

Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen
3 years ago

ISIS is in US/NATO areas to attack US military installations because ISIS know US is the only force fighting them.
Why should ISIS be in SAA/Russia areas who are only bombing civilians who refuse to vote for Assad?
ISIS wants off course to fight and get rid of their real enemies: the United States Marines who help and train the Kurdistan Freedom Fighters against terrorism in the war against terror.
Thats why ISIS is close to US bases in Syria.

Reply to  Tommy Jensen
3 years ago

You really a very stupid Hasbara Troll Tommy. My cat could make up better shit than you.

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