Russia questions why the US are fighting in Syria

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Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, has voiced his doubts about the real purposes of the United States operating in Syria.

“We suspect Americans have other plans and not just in Syria,” Nebenzia said.

The diplomat recalled that Washington justified its military presence in the Arab country claiming it was fighting against terrorism.

The ambassador said that Russia’s priority in Syria is the search for a political solution to the crisis in that country to end the war that has ravaged the country since 2011.

He also noted that the process for the formation of a commission whose purpose is drafting the Syrian constitution is still moving forward.

Russia’s priorities, Nebenzia said, are to end terrorism in Syria and ensure political reconciliation.

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The United States, at the head of an international coalition, has carried out an operation against ISIS in Syria and Iraq since 2014.

The Americans operate in Syria without the authorization of the government of Damascus unlike Russia who militarily intervened in September 2015 at the request of Damascus.

The US claims to be fighting against terrorists in Syria but only conducts airstrikes against ISIS and Syrian government forces. Despite claiming to be fighting against ISIS, it did little to stop the terrorist group, and rather, ISIS even expanded since the US intervention. However, with the Russian intervention, ISIS has virtually been defeated in Syria and the jihadist group only controls small pockets of Syria.

The fall of ISIS began once Russian airstrikes began targeting convoys of trucks taking oil from fields that ISIS controlled that were entering Turkey to be sold. The US-led coalition completely ignored the oil trade between ISIS and Turkey while Russia prioritized ruining the terrorist groups funding schemes. Once this was achieved, Russian airstrikes closely supported Syrian Army ground efforts against the terrorist organization, achieving in a matter of months what the US-led coalition could not do, or more accurately, refused to do in over a year of airstrikes.

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