Russia SLAMS Ukraine for INFANTILE military exercises at Crimea border

"They must be joking"

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Military exercises near the border of the Crimea are like an infantile game of toy soldiers and the Ukrainian authorities should know when to stop“, warned Grigory Ioffe, head of the Public Chamber of the Crimea.

Previously, the Ukrainian Navy conducted training in the territory of the Kherson region, near the border with the Crimean peninsula. According to the press office, gunners trained to eliminate targets in areas of “temporarily occupied” settlements.

“It is vital for them to attach any military action to politics, and they do it roughly and awkwardly. Sometimes it seems that high-ranking Ukrainians simply play toy soldiers, but we must remember that they are not toy soldiers, they are people,” Ioffe said.

He asked to notify Kiev that if they go too far with this joke, Moscow will have to “resort to other actions and it will not be just a joke“.

Ioffe added that Russia is doing everything it can to prevent bad Russian-Ukrainian relations from becoming “hot.”

“Ukraine is doing exactly the opposite because it is trying to provoke the situation. God forbid that these insane plans of the Ukrainian leadership come true,” he concluded.

Relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated dramatically after the coup in Ukraine in 2014 and the return of Crimea to Russia.

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Crimea became Russian territory again through a referendum in which 96.77% of the Republic’s electors and 95.6% of the residents of Sevastopol voted in favor.

Ukraine still considers the peninsula as Ukrainian territory that is temporarily occupied. According to Vladimir Putin, the Crimean issue is “completely resolved”. US president Trump has at times publicly mentioned the possibility of US recognition of Crimea as Russia.

Ukraine do not just act aggressively towards Crimea, but also towards the People’s Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, or collectively known as Donbass. This again, another Russian majority region, is independent from Kiev after Ukrainian authorities continually antagonized the Russian minority in this part of what was formerly Ukraine.

In the Ukrainian fantasy play which is the Rada, there are common speeches about the reunification of Crimea with Ukraine, entirely disconnected to the reality of the facts on the ground.

There has been increasing pressure and support from within Europe and EU countries in particular to recognize Crimea as Russia.

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