Russian backed Syrians push back US backed ISIS from Homs

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According to the Russian Reconciliation Center, Syrian troops, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Force, thwarted an advance by terrorists in the eastern province of Homs from the Al-Tanf region towards the historic city of Palmyra.

“On June 11 of the current year, around 4:00 a.m. Moscow time, in the south of Homs province, Syrian government troops, supported by the Russian Aerospace Force, thwarted an attempt by terrorists to advance on the region of Homs and from the village of Al-Tanf towards Palmyra,” says the statement from the Russian Center for Reconciliation.

“The terrorist advance was frustrated, five militants were killed, a pickup truck and a motorcycle were destroyed. The other militants dispersed and retreated towards the village of Al-Tanf, illegally occupied by the United States.”

It is also reported that a large group of terrorists, “moving in pickups with large guns and motorcycles, was detected by military Syrian observation posts in the Gurab region.”

In addition, the Rukban refugee camp near the US military base has become a haven for militants across Syria, the center said. But is the US for or against ISIS? The US created the Syrian conflict by fully creating and backing ISIS. Then sometime after the start of 2017, the strategy significantly changed.

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The US is presently experiencing a major split in its leadership, and multiple intelligence and militarized agencies apparently working towards adverse goals. The backing of ISIS type formations, while almost entirely eradicated in Syria, is a project backed by a particular wing of the American establishment, apparently disconnected from the White House, though reports are mixed and assessments often conflict.

“The Syrian Rukban refugee camp, which is near the US military base in the village of Al-Tanf has become a haven for militants across Syria, including ISIS terrorists and a source of reinforcement of terrorist formations in the center of the country,” the statement said.

The center concluded that there is also a critical humanitarian situation in the camp and by “the US military’s enduring opposition to the Al-Tanf military base receiving humanitarian aid by the Syrian government or international organizations.”

The United States illegally operates military bases in Syria, most significantly in Al-Tanf and in the northern of Syria. Russia on the hand has legally operated in Syria with permission from Damascus since September 2015. The Russian intervention has seen the decline of major terrorist groups supported by the United States.

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