The question surrounding the construction of a Russian navy base in Sudan is currently being discussed by both countries.

The Russian ambassador to Sudan, Vladimir Zheltov, has indicated that it is an open question and revealed details of the possible construction.

“This proposal (made by the Sudanese side) continues to be studied and discussed by the corresponding agencies of Russia and Sudan. When the work is carried out, the results will be announced through official channels,” he said.

At the same time, the diplomat added that it would probably be a supply and technical support post rather than a naval base.

“In commenting on your question, I would like to explain that the subject being discussed is not aimed at building a naval base, but rather on a filling station for Russian warships in the Red Sea,” he added, adding that in fact, this is a confidential matter.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir first visited Russia in November 2017. During the meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu he discussed the possibility of establishing in Sudan a Russian military base on the Red Sea. However, the leader of the African country said that no agreement was reached on this issue.

The number of large Russian military structures abroad equals 21, while Washington has 600 to 900 facilities in question.

However, this proportion does not prevent Russia from exercising a “disproportionately large” influence in some regions, according to Professor Aleksei Podberezkin of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, who also pointed out that Moscow knows how to save economic resources very well.

“Only a person who said goodbye to the rational perception of reality can compare the military presence of Russia and the United States in the world because it is two incomparable quantities,” he said.

“Russia’s military presence is very limited both in regions and on its scales. There are actually only six points where Russia has military bases,” the analyst said.

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