Trump: North Korea nuclear deal not ‘softer’ than Iranian

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WASHINGTON DC – In an interview with a US television channel shortly after the summit with Kim Jong-un, US president Donald Trump referred to the controversy over the deal and said he “trusted” his North Korean counterpart.

“I do not think the deal can be ‘milder’ than with Iran. Anyway, we do not plan to pay $150 billion now,” Trump said, referring to the amount given back by Washington to Tehran from the account agreements thawed as a result of the signing of the Iranian nuclear agreement in 2015.

The main anchor of ABC News , George Stephanopoulos, also asked Trump how he could trust a brutal dictator as Kim Jong-un is in his false perception.

“I trust him, yes,” replied the president. “Maybe in a year you’re interviewing me and I say it was a mistake, it’s possible, we’re cooperating at a high level, a lot of things can change and a lot of things are possible,” he added.

According to Trump, who is very optimistic about Kim’s intentions, he “would like to do something really great for his country.”

“We have the foundations to begin to denuclearize,” he said. “It will denuclearise the whole place, I think it will start now,” he confessed.

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In addition, the US leader revealed that he did not discuss the possibility of eliminating the North American “nuclear umbrella” in the Korean peninsula with his North Korean counterpart during his talks in Singapore.

Donald Trump also said that sanctions against Pyongyang will not be lifted until the country ceases to have nuclear weapons ready for use.

“The sanctions will be canceled when we are sure that they have no possibility of using their nuclear weapons,” he explained.

The White House chief said he was “looking forward” to this moment. At the same time, he assured reporters that he “made no concessions” to his North Korean counterpart.

“For a period of time, sanctions against North Korea will be in place. We are dreaming of a future in which all Koreans can live together in harmony and their hopes are reborn,” he said.

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