Trump tells terrorists ”You’re on your own” in face of Syrian offensive

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Washington has allegedly told Syrian terrorist factions operating in southern Syria, especially in Daraa province, that they should not expect the US to military intervene to resist against a Syrian government offensive to liberate areas held by the terrorists.

Washington sent a message to leaders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups that said “you should not base your decisions on the assumption or expectation of a military intervention by us”.

This came despite the United States earlier warning Syrian President Bashar Assad that their could be “serious repercussions” and pledged “firm and appropriate measures.” This means that the US’s earlier position was a bluff, which has been called.

This brought hope to the FSA factions that the US could finally have a full-scale military intervention in the Syrian War against the legitimate government.

“We in the United States government understand the difficult conditions you are facing and still advise the Russians and the Syrian regime not to undertake a military measure that violates the zone,” the strange message also said. The PR and customer service elements of the message give it an other-worldly feel to it.

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Washington has wasted millions of dollars worth of arms and paid monthly salaries to thousands of terrorists since the Syrian War broke out in 2011. This war under a military aid program run by the Central Intelligence Agency, the key US department that undertakes regime-change, especially in Latin America and the Middle East.

The aid has dropped after US President Donald Trump decided last year to shut down the program, but he still supports the terrorist groups through other means, including with direct airstrikes against the Syrian Army.

Despite the initial threats, the Syrian Army has launched a large offensive in Daraa province to purge the region of terrorist factions. Although the Syrian Army has only liberated a few villages and towns, 12 FSA factions have not only surrendered to the Syrian Army, but now also fight alongside government forces to purge the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front from the region.

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