TRUMP THREATENS PEACE: U.S leader may propose to Putin end to Arms Race

Trump suggested a relationship with Russia and China would be a "good thing."

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In a move that has sent shock-waves to the American liberal pro-war, Russophobic ‘progressive’ media and academic establishment, US President Donald Trump has suggested he could discuss ways to save “millions of dollars” on weapons when meeting Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Finland next month.

“We can even talk about saving millions of dollars in weapons,” Trump said on Friday, according to local media, in setting a potential agenda for the July 16 talks with the Russian president.

Trump added that the United States is building a force “like no one has ever seen it before,” but stressed that the world needed to de-escalate and suggested a relationship with Russia and China would be a “good thing.”

Trump announced this week that he ordered the Pentagon to create a Space Force as the sixth “separate but equal” branch of the US military. He said the decision opened a new chapter in the competition to explore space, with the goal of overcoming nations like Russia and China.

On another front, Trump reiterated that NATO allies need to increase defense spending ahead of the alliance summit in Brussels next month.

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“Germany has to spend more money, Spain, France [too]. It’s not fair what they did with the United States,” he told local media.

He argued that the United States was paying “far more disproportionately to any other nation” in the alliance, which sets a spending target of 2% of a member state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

So far, only five countries have complied with this requirement. In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom, Greece, Poland and Estonia have settled and increased their investments.

However there may be some reluctance to this request from other European powers such as France and Germany who are flirting with the idea of creating a European Union Army. Although this idea is floating, French President Macron claims this Army would not compete against the US-led NATO. Claims, and reality, however, are generally in the field of politics, two threads which almost never intertwine.

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