Truth about Russia from opposition press? Echo of Moscow caught in deliberate falsification

There has been the myth that if a person correlates with the West, he is objective, impartial, and pure in heart and mind


Andrey Afanasyev in Tsargrad
Social networks users catch Echo of Moscow lying
In certain circles, for some reason, it is considered that the so-called opposition and liberal journalism is much cleaner than the federal or conservative-patriotic media. In the public mind for decades, there has been the myth that if a person correlates with the West, he is objective, impartial, and pure in heart and mind

But in reality everything turns out differently. In a recent article devoted to the fate of archives with information about those repressed during the Soviet era, Echo of Moscow journalists used a photograph of children in a concentration camp. In the photo, we see exhausted and frightened children behind barbed wire and the inscription: “Resettlement camp. The entrance to the camp and conversation through the wire is forbidden under the threat of getting shot. ”

Archive photo fallaciously cropped

What is this, if not a vivid proof of the Russian people’s brutality and insanity and of Russia too? After all, according to the liberals, our country is barbaric and cruel. Everything is “logical”.

But attentive readers quickly exposed the “fake.” It turned out that the picture was not children of the GULAG at all. Rather the Soviet children were prisoners of Finnish concentration camp No. 6 in Petrozavodsk. Historians say that the picture was taken in 1944 by military correspondent Galina Sanko. The “Truth-diggers” and “honest journalists” from Echo of Moscow simply cut off the Finnish inscription off the top of the photo. Here is the original photograph:

Photo, as original, showing Finnish portion of bilingual placard.

Here is what Galina Sanko said many years ago about the history of this photo, which was banned in the 1940s (the ban was lifted only 20 years later) due to the fact that the children did not express joy at the release from the concentration camp:

“On the way, the Komsomol girls told me about a camp where young children were imprisoned. I went there and soon saw them behind the barbed wire. Frightened faces. They looked at me with childish eyes and mistrust. I tried to talk to them, but they stubbornly did not answer. After taking a few photos, I went through the gate. And suddenly a girl said to me: “Aunt!”. The children were crying, “mother” repeated through tears. The children were not only from Karelia, but also from the Leningrad region. It was not immediately possible to get them home because the city was released only from the side of the lake, and there were still fascists around.”

In 1968, the Petrozavodsk series of photographs by Galina Sanko won the Grand Prix of the Paris International Photo Exhibition. Could someone have thought that after only 50 years they would be used against the people and the country that suffered so much and conquered all this horror and darkness?

The Erasure

It’s clear that as soon as the scandal broke out on social networks, the editorial staff of Echo of Moscow hurried to erase this information from its accounts. But you can not hide the truth. If you enter a short address in the browser’s line from the first image of, it will send you directly to the same material about the archives on the website of the opposition radio station.

And this is not the only case of blatant lies on this resource. Recently, the Ministry of Defense exposed the fake Echo of Moscow item about the death of the head of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov during the crash of the An-26 cargo plane in Syria.

Another fake was exposed in February, when on the Echo of Moscow site
there appeared material that allegedly in Rostov-on-Don “Policemen were ordered to go to priests with their families.” A document was attached to the text, having nothing to do with Rostov.

In the media and blogs, dozens of similar stories from the life of the editorial staff and individual Echo employees are current, so it’s safe to say that such “mistakes” are the corporate style of journalists from this organization.

At the same time, it is important to remember that this kind of activity occurs at the state expense. In particular, this issue was raised on the recent “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin.”

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Edgar Palacios
Edgar Palacios
3 years ago

The press has to be honest and true if not, they deserve the prison and fines and if the damage is big they have to get the closure.

Maria Angelica Brunell Solar
Maria Angelica Brunell Solar
3 years ago

Echo of Moskow, fake news!

John Mason
John Mason
3 years ago

Those people who deliberately promote false, misrepresenting and dishonest news should be put in prison, the damage they can inflict warrants such punishment.

R PLobo
R PLobo
3 years ago

Presstitutes of the western oligarchy.

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