Ukraine gone in 10 years: Demographic collapse

By Anton Orlovsky

4 2,706

By Anton Orlovsky – The Ukrainian government, it seems, has already begun to understand what has brought the situation to an extreme. The people continue to flee the country, while the demographic crisis rages in the country. And if this situation persists, then in 10 years there will be nobody to left to pay taxes.


The issue of the outflow of citizens in the country continues to be raised by the head of the group “Will of the People” Yaroslav Moskalenko at the meeting of the Conciliation Council of the leaders of the factions and chairmen of committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


According to the politician, the situation went beyond the possible framework, and Kiev must take any action to save the country.


“Three and a half million, according to statistics, went to work abroad for Ukrainians. And Minister Klimkin said that every month another 100 thousand are leaving. The most terrible thing is that if previously people went to work, today they go there and they do not come back, ” he said.


However, this tendency is easy to explain. The authorities clamped the population in “tax clutches”, continuing to fulfill the destructive claims of creditors and it conducts a disastrous social policy.


According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the death rate for the first four months of 2018 doubled: there are only 54 newborns per 100 deaths. And the total number of citizens decreased by 85.7 thousand people and as of May 1, 2018, it was 42.3 million people.

One of the reasons for the demographic crisis is also the impoverishment of the population. Families can not afford to have children, because they understand that they can not cope.


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At the birth of the child, the state pays an amount of 10.3 thousand hryvnia (25,000 rubles), and then before reaching 3 years, a monthly allocation of 860 hryvnia (2000 rubles), which is enough for a bundle of diapers.


It is also necessary to note the low level of wages in Ukraine, which forces citizens to leave the country and not to return back.


According to statisticians, the average salary in Ukraine in May 2018 was 8480 hryvnia (20,000 rubles). Given that the gas in winter costs 2000-2500 hryvnia (5000-6000 rubles), people find themselves in a difficult situation.


In turn, the director of the Kiev investment company said that at such rates of migration in 10 years in Ukraine there will be no those who could pay taxes.


This is what the pro-Western government, which came to power through a coup, brought to its head. Poroshenko and his entourage virtually destroy the country.


It becomes a colony of the West. After all, soon the existence there will be completely impossible.


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