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The Syrian Arab News Agency has reported that the US-led coalition’s air forces attacked a village in Al-Hasakah province in northeastern Syria. The attack reportedly killed at least 10 people, including women and children. In addition, significant damage was inflicted to private and public infrastructure.

This comes in parallel to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) claims that they have been capturing their respective areas from the ISIS terrorists that remain in the region.

Vladimir Fitin, the head of the Center for the Near and Middle East of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, has explained the main purpose of these bombings: “They [the US military] justify any bombing of Syria as an attack on the remaining elements of ISIS. These bombings are a justification for explaining that there are still terrorist groups in the Syrian northeast, justifying participation of the US Armed Forces in the fight against terrorists and the legitimization of their presence in the territory of Syria.

Over the last few weeks, SANA has repeatedly covered the killing of civilians by US-led coalition attacks. On May 2, 25 people were reportedly killed in an attack on the village of Al-Fadil. Two weeks later, information was released about an attack on two settlements in Al-Hasakah province resulting in the deaths of 17 people. At the beginning of June, the village of Dib-Haddadj was bombed, with eight lives lost.

The US-led coalition itself has admitted that since August 2014, that is, the beginning of Operation Inherent Resolve, at least 892 civilians in Iraq and Syria have been killed. 

Despite hundreds of civilians killed by the US-led coalition in Syria, Washington still has the audacity to persistently accuse Russia of bombing civilians in the war-torn country.

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These accusations are meant to distract from the fact that it is Russia’s targeted operations in Syria – which were launched in September 2015 at the request of the Syrian government – that have made a significant difference on the battlefield.

As soon as October 2017, Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported that over 90% of Syrian territory had been successfully liberated from terrorist groups thanks to Russian-Syrian operations. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called US forces’ multiple attacks on Syrian territory “acts of aggression.”  In Vladimir Fitin’s analysis, such acts of aggression are contrived to justify US military presence in Syria by presenting a fait accompli. These attempts ring hollow in light of Russia’s announcement six months ago that ISIS has been effectively defeated in Syria.

As things stand, the US is likely to continue to clumsily conjure pretexts for its occupation of parts of Syria. Trump has repeatedly wavered between statements that the US “wants out” of Syria and claims that ISIS remains a threat in the region necessitating American military operations.



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