US ‘dog barks’ while China and Iran cooperation forges forward

By Anton Orlovsky


By Anton Orlovsky – Beijing isn’t much concerned about US sanctions against Iran. Cooperation with Tehran will be continued in the face of what the US has demanded. This was reported by the official representative of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Gao Feng.

According to Feng, China and Iran have traditionally maintained normal trade and economic relations. In other words, the present American adventures into the tariffs game is one for which the Chinese absolutely do not care. “The dog barks, and the caravan goes .”

Feng also added that China has always opposed unilateral sanctions. “We will continue to maintain normal trade and economic ties with Iran without violating our international obligations,” the Chinese official said.

Beijing expects to further increase trade with Iran. So, for the second quarter of 2018 the trade turnover between the countries amounted to 13.21 billion dollars.

The world is changing rapidly: for the present moment, strong countries do not count at all with the “huntresses” of the United States. Sanctions? We have other interests. Pressure? We are in favor of negotiations.

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On the side of Washington there are only various souvenir states, like the Baltic countries, where sovereignty is absent, from the word “sovereign”. In the new world, the BRICS, the SCO, the G20 format are gaining more and more power.

G-7, NATO, the EU do not meet modern realities and are rapidly degrading.

In general, the sanction mechanism painfully hit the forehead of its inventor. While the US intervenes in the economy with its ill-considered policies, most of the world community is building up economic cooperation around the US.

The longer the Americans portray the “bosses,” the more painful they will be for the consequences.


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