US warns Syria not to defend themselves from US forces attacking Syria

3 4,007

Yes, you read the headline correctly. According to the double-down delusional waning empire, an attack on United States troops and their allies in Syria would be a “bad idea,” according to Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Kenneth McKenzie.

He was commenting on the words of Syrian President Bashar Assad on the readiness of Syria to use force on Syrian territory to defend themselves from US forces attacking Syria and illegally occupying Syria.

US forces defending ISIS, the FSA, and the SDF and occupying Syria and their allies, have clashed with Syrian government troops, but in general the parties have been able to avoid serious conflicts. A significant part of the territory in northern and eastern Syria is controlled by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), mainly made up of Kurds who receive support from Washington. Such a move, or any partition, is illegal under international norms and law.

Assad said in the recent interview with the RT channel, the SDF remains “the only problem in the country.” He stressed that Damascus is about to negotiate with the group, but if the talks fail, the Syrian army is ready to use force to liberate the Syrian territories. The Syrian president also stressed that US troops must leave Syria.

In addition, the leader reported that in Syria came “quite close to the point of a possible direct conflict between the forces of Russia and the United States,” but this was avoided “thanks to the wisdom of the Russian authorities.”

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The United States and its cohorts have remained in Syria since 2014, and have been carrying out what it terms an anti-terrorist operation against ISIS, without the authorization of the local government. Russian officials have on numerous times exposed that the US has been in fact supporting ISIS in any number of direct and tangible ways, up to and including weapons and supply drops which the US reported to the Russians, under their deconfliction agreement, as bombing raids. Maybe this is what anarchists have been talking about for decades, with their ‘food not bombs’ kitchens.

Syria will continue to strengthen its anti-aircraft defense after gaining Russian support, Syrian President Bashar Assad also said in the interview with RT.

“Our anti-aircraft defense is much stronger than before, thanks to Russia’s support, and the recent attacks by the Israelis, the Americans, the British and the French proved that we are in a better situation,” he said. “The only option is to improve our anti-aircraft defense, it’s the only thing we can do and we’re doing it,” he added.


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