[VIDEO] Donbass Rockets Avenge Mamai, Obliterate Ukrainian Positions

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In the area around the industrial zone of Avdeevka, the Donetsk People’s Republic’s tactical missile troops have destroyed several Ukrainian army positions.

Footage of the multiple Cheburashka rocket launches has been posted on the WarDoc channel on YouTube.

According to information from Wargonzo channel on Telegram, the republic’s barrage destroyed the Ukrainian site from which Donbass’ international brigade Pyatinashka was recently bombarded as a result of which its leader, the famous Mamai (Oleg Mamiev) was killed. Indeed, the barrage has been advertised on social media as the DPR “avenging Mamai.”

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Mamai’s death was announced on May 18th. He died from wounds sustained to the head, chest, and abdomen. Mamiev arrived in Donbass from Ossetia following the coup d’etat in Kiev and subsequent events in 2014. He fought in the ranks of the Vostok unit, later joined the international brigade Pyatnashka, and soon became its commander. For the services he rendered to the defense of Donbass, he was decorated by the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The fire exchanges around Avdeevka are only the latest skirmishes amidst a general upswing in firefights along the Donbass front as Ukrainian forces have attempted to seize parts of the “neutral” or “gray zone.” In particular, the “Battle for Gorlovka” has been raging, which Fort Russ’ Russian guest expert, Dr. Eduard Popov, believes anticipates an attempted Ukrainian “blitzkrieg.”

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