WARNING: Donetsk says Ukraine Plans to Massacre EU Delegation

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The press service of the Ministry of State Security of the Donetsk People’s Republic has reported that Ukrainian forces are preparing a provocation in Donbass which threatens the lives of an incoming EU delegation.

According to the report, an EU delegation has been invited to Ukraine by President Petro Poroshenko, and will visit frontline areas in Donbass and Kiev from June 13-15 to study the humanitarian situation in Donbass.

The DPR’s ministry claims to have uncovered Ukrainian forces’ plans to use an Igla MANPAD to shoot down the delegation’s helicopter and blame the LPR and DPR.

How realistic is this forecast-cum-warning? Can such a provocative act of terrorism be thwarted?

First of all, let us begin with the fact that post-Maidan Ukraine has long stripped itself of all moral and legal obligations and does not hold itself back from extremes. Ukraine has become a terrorist state in which terror is inflicted upon its own citizens. Psychologically speaking, therefore, it is reasonable to expect such terrible acts on the part of the Ukrainian authorities.

Indeed, as is well known, over the past several years Ukraine has devoted particular time and resources to terroristic and sabotage operations which have periodically resulted in terrorist attacks in the Donbass republics, and Russia’s FSB has arrested multiple Ukrainian saboteurs and terrorists plotting attacks in Crimea and other regions of Russia.

Terrorism is the weapon of the weak. Ukraine is weak, hence its use of the terrorist arsenal to fight the Donbass republics and Russia. Ukraine is notorious for its provocations aimed at angering Western states against the DPR, LPR, and Russia. 

As I have suggested to readers on multiple occasions, the Donbass republics’ intelligence services have assets and agents embedded deep in Ukraine and Kiev’s intelligence and special forces. In turn, Ukraine’s SBU and military intelligence also have broad networks in the DPR and LPR. Hence why it is rare that something happens on the front that was not known by the opposing side in advance. This is one argument in favor of the Ministry of State Security’s report.

Let us recall a similar case from April 2017 when an OSCE Special Monitoring Mission car was blown up in the Slavyanoserbsk district of the DPR near the village or Prishib, as a result of which an observer, a US citizen, was killed and three of his colleagues were wounded. Several days before this act of terror, the People’s Militia of the LPR had warned the OSCE’s SMM about the danger of mines and explosions being deliberately prepared by UAF saboteur groups.

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In countless other cases, OSCE cars have been shelled by Ukrainian forces.

In other words, even a brief excursion into the history of Ukraine’s terrorist war in Donbass demonstrates that the ruling regime and military leadership of Ukraine are willing to sacrifice the lives of Western “peacekeepers” for their goals. 

The loudest act of terror of all those orchestrated by the Ukrainian authorities was the shooting down of Boeing MH17. I think that the civilian aircraft’s destruction was a tragic accident. My friends in the DPR militia fought in the area and personally found the things and bodies of the dead passengers. Like many experts, they have testified that the Malaysian Boeing’s targeting was the mistake of a Ukrainian pilot who mistook the passenger plane for President Putin’s. Ukraine indeed does have a history of shooting down passenger planes whether by tragic mistake or not.

Ukraine continues to repeat that the Boeing should have never been sent over war-torn Donbass, but now Kiev is sending a helicopter with EU politicians to a war zone. In the very least, Ukraine is setting the stage for criminal plans to be hatched.

Any visit by European politicians to the Ukrainian part of Donbass entails great risk. Even if no provocations happen, they could be the victims of random attacks. For example, the house in which I stayed in Donetsk in 2014 happened to be subsequently destroyed by UAF artillery shelling. With MEPs present, the risk of a provocation only increases.

Just recently, the SBU organized a strange performance staging the murder of the Russian pseudo-journalist Babchenko. How can a country responsible for such scandalous operations be trusted with the lives of European politicians?

It is doubly dangerous to visit the frontline these days, since the UAF has shown all the signs of preparing for an offensive and the DPR and LPR have been readying their defenses. I would strongly advise the EU to postpone the trip and treat Ukraine with healthy (and potentially life-saving) suspicion.

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