Will US backed Pashinyan take Armenia out of the CSTO & EAEC?


The new Armenian leadership headed by Nikol Pashinyan, who came to power as a result of Yerevan’s Maidan, is in a hurry to “clean up” the republic’s economy from the business of Russian origin.

This is reported today by Rosbalt.

The government of the republic decided to regain control of CJSC “High-voltage networks of Armenia”, which last year were transferred to the management of “Tashir Group”, owned by the Russian billionaire – Samvel Karapetyan from Armenia.

Top management of “Tashir” had extensive investment plans, the company planned to invest 1 billion dollars in the electric power industry of the republic, build a 120 MW Shnokh hydro power plant – with the participation of the American company Robbins and the World Bank, modernize the infrastructure of electricity networks, 85% of which is obsolete.

“Moreover, the company undertook not to demand an increase in tariffs for electricity and create an additional 2.5 thousand jobs,” Rosbalt writes.

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The publication predicts that management can be transferred to a new “private” firm, but one already close to the new government.

“How many more such “pills “are prepared for investors from the Russian Federation, including in the electricity and communication systems, it is now difficult to say – almost all strategically important objects of Armenia are owned or managed by Russian companies. So the Kremlin either has to reconcile itself with the “redistribution”, or “negotiate” with the new Armenian authorities, which is in a hurry to consolidate this power with itself in a variety of ways, “the article says.

At the same time, the new government opens criminal cases on those close to the former leadership and closes it on friendly businessmen, who then occupy high posts.

“The new” democratic government “does not tolerate any co-affiliation, and it earns points not on a real social and economic breakthrough, but on the festering of political opponents. As well as demonstrating his pro-Western course in foreign policy, although Pashinyan almost swore that Armenia is not going to leave the EAEC and the CSTO. But how can you combine incompatible, the prime minister does not specify,” Rosbalt writes.

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