4GW: Pentagon officially no longer set to ‘deter war’, instead use ‘lethal joint forces’


The Pentagon has changed the information of its goals and objectives on its website without making any official statement, said the Task & Purpose service that was the first to draw attention to the fact.

Previously, the US Department of Defense qualified as the means of “supplying the military necessary to contain war and protect the security of the country.” Such a description can still be found on the Pentagon website in the “Department Information” section. However, the main page indicates another mission now.

Most significantly, the DoD had within its objectives to ‘deter war’. This has been removed. 

“The Department of Defense’s mission is to provide lethal Joint Forces to protect the country’s security and maintain US influence overseas,” it reads on the website.

Lethal joint forces include ‘4th Generation Warfare’ type combinations of unregistered ‘combatants’, terrorist groups, illegal formations, narco-cartels, guerrilla armies, etc. Therefore,

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Meanwhile, in the department’s strategy it is said that its text has not been updated since January 2017. This is not true.

According to the website, such a change seems significant, given the policy of US President Donald Trump, and perhaps presupposes a more aggressive stance on national security issues. Journalists point out that the Pentagon apparently made changes “on the sly and in a hurry.”

The Pentagon, along with the CIA, has been a key entity to US foreign policy to exert its aggression and hegemony globally. The Pentagon plays a key role in decision making, most famously in the post-Cold War era is the invasion of Iraq that was spearheaded by this entity.

It has also played a key role in financing and training jihadist groups in Syria. This comes ironically as the CIA does the same, however, with different jihadist groups. Jihadist groups sponsored by the Pentagon and by the CIA have clashed with each other in the past in Syria demonstrating the lack of coordination within America’s different security apparatuses’. However they key goal of destroying so-called enemies of the United States remains the same whether they are achieved by the same or different means between these intelligence and security agencies.

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