75th anniversary of the Volyn massacres and Polish-Ukrainian relations; Poroshenko at Sakhryn an offensive gesture

The grandson of the Polish general who fought the UPA has blunt words for Ukraine

The Polish Senate officially proclaimed the UPA's massacres of Poles genocide July 8, 2016
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We read in Novorosinform:
On July 8, the anniversary of the beginnings of the Volyn massacres, Polish President Andrzej Duda paid a visit to Volhynia, and Ukrainian President Poroshenko, Sakhryn in Poland. There were no meetings between the presidents, although Kiev offered to commemorate the victims of the Volyn tragedy in the Volyn region jointly with Poland, and then together to visit Sakhryn. It was the Polish side that refused to attend the joint event.

The Polish expert Konrad Rencas spoke to the Novorossiysk news agency about
what Poles think about the Volyn tragedy and about modern Ukraine. [Tr note: “Tragedy” — such a word! The Polish Senate has declared it a Genocide]

“Water grinds the stone, and the voices of millions can finally force the government to say a few words of truth. The 75th anniversary of the Volyn massacre finally ripped from the mouths of representatives of the Polish authorities a clear condemnation of the genocide committed by Ukrainian chauvinists on the border of the Second Polish Republic. And let this be a lesson for today’s neo-Banderist Kiev: you may have good relations with politicians from Warsaw, but the Polish people will never trust you, never believe you, never support you, and will continue to exert pressure on the Polish authorities in this direction. In the end, we will achieve our goal.

Ukrainians, are not you ashamed to listen to Poroshenko?

Of course, in these tragic days Poroshenko committed a typically provocative act, arriving in Sakhryn. So he tried to equalize the 200,000 Poles brutally killed by the UPA with the less than 200 people killed in the fight against the UPA, police, collaborators, and their accomplices. This is not just a false and absurd gesture, but an offensive one, not only against Poland, but also against Ukraine.

I have a question for my former colleagues, Ukrainian patriots: how do you tolerate the fact that this fat oligarch, plundering the Ukrainian people, serving foreign invaders and leading Ukraine to death, suddenly began to pretend to be a Ukrainian citizen? Isn’t this a disgrace for you? How can the nation of Svyatoslav, Khmelnitsky, Skoropadsky, Makhno and others look at this disgusting thief who wipes his lips with Ukrainians? Shame!

Bandera hated Ukraine

Nobody forbids Ukrainians to choose their historical memory, but it must be true. The executioner should be called the executioner, the traitor should be called the traitor, and the crime should be called a crime. Banderism was a criminal Nazi ideology and practice that frightened even those who built German extermination camps. Bandera was obsessed with hatred for his own people, he wanted to kill, destroy and eliminate any manifestation of independent thinking, instead of patriotism, he wanted his deification, and when he could not control Ukraine in his sick ambitions, he preferred to see it destroyed, in blood and ashes.

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The external enemy and his accomplices did not have as much Ukrainian blood on their hands as the “Bandera” people had. Bandera supported Hitler in the murder of all Slavs, and then dreamed of carrying out the extermination of Ukrainian lands by nuclear weapons from America. That’s why the fraudster Poroshenko is so easily able to use the legacy of Bandera’s psychopathy.

Ukraine, wake up, find your national path, and the Polish patriots will gladly help you get rid of the oligarchs and the Nazis. Then we will again be able to communicate on the basis of each other’s national interests!

The tragic lessons of the Volyn massacre, Sakhryn and other events taught us a lot. If foreigners — agents of the West — Germany, America, Britain meet between the Polish and Ukrainian peoples, it ends with bloodshed. When Ukrainians listen to foreign agents and turn themselves into a vicious cycle of crime, they lose so much, while criminals remain behind the people, and therefore again and again escape punishment again, and the good name of the Ukrainian people becomes tarnished.

Poles remember, but the Ukrainians?

Entangled Ukrainian brothers, remember one more thing: we also study history and use its experience. Kiev scares Poland with 1.5 million Ukrainian workers in the country. But they forgets, however, that they are alone among 36 million Poles. Just try to threaten our compatriots Zhitomir or Vinnychyn, destroy at least one Polish monument, deprive the memory of our loved ones killed by your grandmothers and grandfathers – and you will see what Polish retribution is! Do you think that the Ukrainians in Poland are your community? No, hostages.

On March 10, 1943, the troops of the Polish Army Craiova and the Khlopsky Battalions, including led by my grandfather, Major Stanislav Basai “Lynx” and the battalion of Hrubieszewski, attacked the base of the UPA and Hitler’s police in Sakhryn. It was not revenge or pogrom. This was a blow, warning the attack of “Bandera” on the Poles, preventing the repetition of the Volyn massacre. Some of the “Bandera” cowardly fled: in the end, they knew how to kill only unarmed, children and women, the rest were eliminated. There was no second Volyn tragedy. Today, after the brutal murder of innocents in Odessa, after the murders of the “volunteer battalions” in the Donbas, we see that Bandera’s ideology has returned, it again carries a mortal threat. But this time we will be ready. And, if necessary, we will strike first! “.

The opinion of the expert may not coincide with the opinion of the editorial staff.

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