A COUP AGAINST TRUMP? His JFK Moment, and America’s

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As a Communist revolutionary fighting the class war, and fighting in the Donbass, I never liked Donald Trump, but I must admit, I admire his courage and his wisdom, his defiance of the genuinely Fascist clique that owns the US government, and his willingness to put his life on the line for what is truly the most important issue in the USA and in the world today, the de-escalation of the conflict between Russia and the criminal warmongers who control US foreign policy today.


Understand, his life is under threat as of right now. Dangerous criminals, psychopaths, mass murderers, are plotting his demise, even as you read these words. It is difficult for me to equate Trump with John F. Kennedy, but it is obvious that their enemies are the same. The CIA that brought German Nazis to the USA after WW 2, then placed them in positions of power in the US military, political and secret services, the oligarchs and billionaires who truly own the US government, and who truly want to rule the world, the “Military-Industrial Complex” that Dwight Eisenhower spoke of in his farewell speech. The same ones who killed Kennedy.
And now the same scum and their ideological progeny are saying the same things and making the same threats against Trump that they made against Kennedy little more than half a century ago. To the same end. They are plotting a coup, and even speak openly of it already. Trump is now in the same danger that Kennedy was in 1963 – a corrupt Vice-President, the criminal secret services, including, but not only, the CIA and FBI, and the billionaires who have committed murder to gain their wealth and power, and are willing to do so again to retain it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and these enemies of Trump, of America, of the whole Human Race, have absolute power behind the scenes, and they are absolutely corrupt.
Trump needs more than the Secret Service to protect him, he needs the protection of all good people in America, from the Right and from the Left. The secret powers must understand that if something happens to Trump, a sudden bout of cancer, an “accident” or a crazed lone gunman, the people will react not by voting or writing or by talking or by hitting “Like” on Facebook. The People of the United States must do their civic duty, out in the streets, with torches and pitchforks or the modern equivalent. The enemies of Humanity, who control the US government, and have done so since 1963, are convinced, and not without reason, that the People of America are either too stupid to detect obvious lies, or too cowardly and lazy to do anything about it. It is time to prove them wrong.

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It is to the eternal shame and detriment of the American People that they allowed themselves to pretend to believe the lies about the Kennedy assassination, just as they did again after 9/11, to their same shame and detriment. American acquiescence to Kennedy’s murder begat the Gulf of Tonkin, which begat the US attack and destruction of Yugoslavia, which begat 9/11, which begat “Iraqi WMD’s” which begat “R2P” in Libya and “Maidan” in Kiev.
All based on lies and false flags, and all meekly submitted to with barely a whimper of protest by the people of the USA. By accepting those lies, you have only encouraged the criminals. Your silence is seen as submission, because that is exactly what it is. You have shown these murderers that they can get away with anything, because the citizens of the USA will swallow anything they are fed, no matter how blatant and obvious the lie, without serious resistance or complaint. Now the time has come to show them different, just as the Fathers of our Republic did, and as Franklin said, “If you can keep it”. Now is the time to keep it, or let it fall from your grasp forever.
The time is long past due to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice. Until justice is served, they will continue with more, and more horrendous and blatant, crimes against America and Humanity. Their impudence is the measure of your impotence. It is already far beyond the limits of decency and toleration. To accept further crimes is to be accomplice to them. People get the government they deserve.
There are those who have stood up and liberated themselves from beneath the Fascist boot. Here in Donbass we have done it, and you can too. No one but the American People can free themselves from the criminal regime of unelected Fascists and oligarchs who rule and control your nation, who commit horrendous crimes in your name, with impunity. Your future, the future of your families, and of your country rests on your shoulders. The time has come, and resistance gets more difficult every day. If not now, when? Rise up, or bend over. Permanently.
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