A sardonic view from France to the Helsinki one-on-one summit

Powerful forces want to stifle any progress from the meeting

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump at the 2017 G-20 Summit
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André Archimbaud in Boulevard Voltaire:

So Trump, to get permission to meet Putin, first played the card of Islamist terrorism. So he was ordered to bomb Syria … twice! So he had the idea to target Korea, satellite country of China but also bordering on … Russia! The secret services immediately leaked to the press “evidence” that “RocketMan” was continuing to rearm. He did not back down. Then, for good measure, he now launches a “NATOized” Europe into a surreal arms race … made in the USA! In short, with these three subjects (terrorism, Korea, arms race), he already has a real and serious agenda for discussion with the Russian president.

It was therefore necessary to stifle the initiative. The Senate committee in charge of Russian interference (translation: Trump’s liquidation) confirmed the initial claims of the “thirteen intelligence agencies” that the Russians wanted Trump elected. This is the polar opposite of the same commission in the House of Representatives that has powerfully demonstrated that this Russian affair was an artificial construction of the hegemonic lobby of Anglo-Saxon espionage. Thus, a few days before Helsinki, the Senate gave the one-party media an opportunity to change the subject and put Putin in the position of the accused and Trump as a foreign agent.

Friday they piled on with the indictment of the twelve Russians by Mueller (why now?), an indictment seasoned with allusions to anonymous Americans who would have been fooled by the Russian military intelligence (the GRU). Translation: Dear Donald, if you do not get back in line, we will arrest “your loved ones” and you will only have eyes to cry. Above all, do not be afraid to have your friends in the House of Representatives dismiss our ally, Deputy Minister of Justice Rosenstein, the true head of the Ministry. Trump thus introduced Crimea into the agenda of the Helsinki summit under the acute pressure of the ectoplasmic McCain and his fellow senators. In short, the goal is that this summit does not succeed.

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Certainly, unless Trump returns to Washington the sack full of revelations offered by “his friend Putin” on the coup against him, or the malpractices of the Clinton Foundation as those of the entire Congress Clinton lobby, it is unlikely that the meeting will show any real diplomatic results, or that the two countries will embark on a vast “Northern Hemisphere” economic development program.

Still, the cause of this meeting is not in its object, but rather in the symbolism. If the press sees it as the meeting of two tyrants, and the world oligarchy that of two impediments to enslaving all around, the people will see two heads of state eager to boost global economic growth and worried about falling into useless conflict. Because it is not to exclude. This sudden awakening of the one-party, growing and “pre-election” intervention in Hillary Clinton’s public debate at a time when the Democrats are imploding, always suggests a plan a la Sochi: the launch of a new Maidan somewhere , in the post World football euphoria. In Belarus, in Kaliningrad, or elsewhere.
In Washington for example …

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