Axis of Resistance Pushes Forward Against US-Israeli-armed Terrorists

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The Syrian Army has launched a military operation in Hama province to clear mines left by the terrorist group ISIS.

Over the course of this operation, Syrian government forces found ISIS weapons stored in the south of the province that included Israeli-made bombs, the Syrian news agency SANA reported.

Discovered in the city of Aqrab, the warehouse also contained rifles, pistols, Kalashnikov machine guns, mortars and sniper rifles, as well as wireless communication devices.

The warehouse was found when engineers from the Syrian Army were clearing Aqrab of traps, armaments and ammunition left by the terrorist group before Hama was liberated from jihadist militants.

SANA last week reported that government forces working in Daraa province have found warehouses with French anti-tank systems APILAS and American anti-tank missiles TOW.

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Earlier, Syrian troops reportedly found a large arms store in the western countryside of Daraa that had guns of various calibers, as well as boxes with supplies for militants from opposing groups sent by the United States.

Syria is one of the most important players in the Axis of Resistance, which also includes Hezbollah and Iran. The Axis is the only credible threat to the existence of the Zionist entity, and Syria serves as a land bridge between Iran and the Lebanese-based Hezbollah. Hezbollah fought a war in 2006 against Israel in which the Zionist entity failed in all its objectives against the resistance group. Iran meanwhile is the main facilitator of arms, funds and training in the Axis.

In its bid to destroy the Axis of Resistance, Israel has militarily helped jihadist groups by using its air force to strike Iranian and Hezbollah positions in Syria, by providing arms to the jihadists, and by treating them in their own hospitals so that the militants can return to the battlefield. Effectively, the jihadists in Syria are serving the Zionist cause.

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