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DAMASCUS – FRN has confirmed reports including those from AMN that Israel has downed an SAA jet near the Golan Heights. The downing occurred earlier today, July 24th. 

The SAA was bombing identified ISIS targets near the Yarmouk basin region, as AMN reported, when Israeli anti-air defenses were activated in defense of their terrorist proxies of the so-called Islamic State. The SAA bomber may or may not have crossed into occupied Syrian airspace, in the Golan Heights which Israel has illegally occupied since 1967, and illegally annexed by Israel in 1981.

This comes a day after news that Israel evacuated ISIS fighters was confirmed by international news agencies, despite a media blockage on accurate reportage emanating from Atlanticist media and informational power structures.

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The UN Security Council has ultimately rejected the de facto annexation in UNSC Resolution 497, when it declared it as “null and void and without international legal effect”, meaning that Israel’s downing of the SAA bomber jet is a war crime, and an act of aggression, not defense. It is furthermore questionable if the SAA bomber indeed crossed over into its own, albeit illegally occupied, territory.

As of the time of publication, FRN is not aware of the condition, safety, or whereabouts of the pilot. It is logical to deduce that if he ejected, he would have landed in ISIS controlled areas, making today’s developments doubly troublesome for the SAA.


UPDATE: One pilot dead. FRN is in possession of footage of his body, but with our practice with Syrian military martyrs, we do not post the footage or death photos out of respect. Here is the pilot during his life and service

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UPDATE: The pilot’s been identified as Syrian Army pilot, Omran Merie. 



Nevertheless, in the broad trajectory of this campaign for Syria’s territorial integrity and socio-economic sovereignty, the Syrian Arab Army, state, people, and democratically elected civilian leadership have been winning its campaign against the coalition of invading armies, jihadis, and mercenaries, organized chiefly by the US and its regional allies, including Israel and Saudi Arabia. As the Syrian campaign against foreign aggression has succeeded, the continual fracturing of the aggressor alliance has been noted by analysts, journalists, and lay-commentators alike.

Meanwhile, on twitter and social media outlets, Zionist propaganda methods, under the heading ‘Hasborah trolls’ are misinforming the public about the nature of the Golan Heights. The trolls and bots are imagining that Israel has some authority to register a complaint with the UN regarding Syria’s ‘transgression’ into Israeli airspace, forgetting that this airspace, as well as the Golan Heights ground it is under, are recognized internationally and by UNSC 497 as belonging to the Syrian people and its representative government also recognized by the UN, led by the democratically elected president, Bashar al-Assad of the governing Ba’ath party. The Ba’ath party came to power as part of a regional process, in part supported by the USSR and within the context of Pan-Arab Socialism, of liberating itself from its former colonial and imperial controllers in Western Europe, England and France in particular.


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