Those Crisis-Actors called politicians, pundits and, well, actors, are eating crow today


Editor’s note: Those Crisis-Actors called politicians, media pundits and, well, literal Hollywood actors, are eating crow today. Nixon was the president that pulled the US out of Vietnam, made peace with China, and introduced profit caps on healthcare through managed care. Not because he was a good guy, but because he lived in reality. 

Trump may be the president that unwinds the US Empire from its present altitude, weakens the dollar and thereby encouraging a productive economy and exports, and reduces tensions between east and west – that neocons have fomented since the Reagan period, and Trump may be the one who prevents insane, idealist, and irrational attempts by the neoconservative Demoblicans pursue their Quixotic suicide of global neoliberal domination outright.

To be clear. Trump is neither good, nor bad, this nor that in my opinion. He reflects an important moment in American history when the Empire is on the run, and its going to be responsible leaders in China, India, Russia, and a few other states, which work with the US in its controlled demolition, so that US power elites can maintain as much wealth and influence as possible, while at the same time redistributing some wealth democratically within the US if for any other reason than self-interested social stability, in a new multipolar world where American power is right-sized and therefor reduced. 

As a friend recently expressed, the devaluation of the dollar is the most underestimated measure and it is actually more important for the Trump government, much more than any war or geopolitical bragging. The beneficiaries of the present system are the transnational elites of several countries, who pull the strings of journalism in their respective countries

Trump may be, and he may not be the president who does this, and if he isn’t, it will happen soon anyway, at much greater cost – but today was a quite fascinating and amazing day nonetheless.

Funny how none of this has anything to do with left and right, progressive or conservative ideologies. – J. Flores

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In spite of the best efforts of the American establishment (“deep state”) to sabotage it, Trump and Putin held their summit this morning in Helsinki. What happened during their joint-press conference is almost unprecedented. Not since the presidency of Richard Nixon has America had a president willing to act on the principles of realism in foreign policy, by which power and concrete interests as opposed to ideology and so-called “values” become the basis for interactions with other states.

Those principles have been on full display since Trump’s NATO summit, when it was made clear that the EU is not an unconditional ally – in fact he called them a foe, and at Helsinki, when he further made clear that Russia was not an unconditional foe. What unfolded today was the fulfillment of Trump’s campaign promise to put “America First”. By this phrase, Trump means his understanding of what is best for the American people, as opposed to the abstract ideals and values that our deep state uses to rationalize its reckless imperialist adventures.

Trump also denounced the special investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election at Helsinki and declared that there was little he was able or willing to do about it – if it even happened, which he continues to doubt. In spite of enormous pressure from Congress, the American mainstream media (MSM), and the deep state to either cancel the summit or denounce Putin before the world, Trump did the opposite: he insisted that mistakes have been made on “both sides.” In a tweet that has caused panic attacks throughout the American political establishment, Trump declared:

“Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now the Rigged Witch Hunt!”

He has also pointed out how this “rigged witch hunt” makes it very difficult for he and Putin to normalize relations and to de-escalate tensions between their two countries.

The reaction from the American political establishment has been apoplectic: he is being denounced as a traitor to the United States, in no uncertain terms, by all of the usual suspects in the media and the government. Nothing terrifies them more than peace and cooperation with Russia. It would mark the end of a nearly three-decade crusade to weaken, isolate and neutralize Russia as an American rival without any ideological justification, as compared to the Cold War. It would undo what America had sought to establish when it openly interfered in Russian elections during the 1990’s to ensure Boris Yeltsin’s victory, or when it supported (and possibly armed) Chechen terrorists, or when it dictated the outcome of a coup in Ukraine against a Moscow friendly, even though balanced president in the form of Yanukovich. But note the last two tweets, supportive of moves towards detente – one from the most libertarian congressman, and another from the most socialist former congresswoman, probably to the left of Bernie Sanders on issues that count.

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The most fascinating aspect of this establishment meltdown is that they expect the American people to be just as incensed by all of this. But Trump made his intentions clear during his campaign, and has not deviated from them in rhetoric for a moment since then: the US and Russia must repair their relationship for the good of the world. At least part of Trump’s electoral victory in 2016 can be attributed to his foreign policy positions. A close analysis of the electorate in states that were key to Trump’s victory concluded the following:

“Trump’s repeated disdain for America’s Middle East adventures and his pledges to turn his attention to fixing the broken VA system while putting “America First” helped him in an election that pitted him against a candidate who supported every American military intervention since 9/11.”

It is true that recent polling shows that more Americans regard Russia as a threat than they did twenty years ago; one could hardly expect otherwise, given the incessant propaganda we are saturated with every hour of every day by the MSM. A concerted effort is being made to bring the American people on board with the new Cold War. The results so far have been mixed: a little over half of Americans believe Trump is not “tough enough” on Putin, but closer to 60% rejected the MSM and Democrat call for Trump to abandon the Helsinki summit and believed he should meet Putin for talks.

How this will change in the days ahead is difficult to say. Hopefully, the American people continue to ask themselves: who really benefits from the Cold War?

What purpose does it really serve?

Why does our political class fear cooperation and hysterically insist upon not only rivalry, but nuclear brinkmanship?

How can our deep state relentlessly interfere in the internal politics of other nations, including Russia, and then act like a wounded victim at the mere allegation that it happened here?

What do you, the average American citizen trying to live, work, and take care of your family, have to gain from any of this?


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