BY THE NUMBERS: How Many Soldiers does the US have Abroad?

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The chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has given estimates on the number of soldiers in military service outside of the country and names the main areas of their missions.

The United States has more than 300,000 displaced soldiers in 177 countries, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Joe Dunford, said on Monday.

Today, more than 300,000 Americans are displaced or stationed in 177 countries,” he said, quoted by the statement of the US Department of Defense.

At the National Veterans’ Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, the general expressed his pride in the “more than two million people serving today” in the US military.

In that connection, he declared his special recognition to the soldiers in Iraq and Syria, as well as to the military contingent responsible for “monitoring in Korea and improving interoperability with allies in Poland.”

“I can say with absolute confidence that the US Army has a competitive advantage over any potential adversary,” Dunford said, assessing the contribution of soldiers and their families who “still bear an extraordinary sacrifice.”

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The US Army occupation of Europe consists of at least 13 garrisons in Europe, located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy. At the same time, the Air Force of that country maintains seven military bases in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Belgium.

Although Dunford sees this as a strategic advantage, the common perception is that the US military is overstretched in the attempt to maintain a global empire. It must also be noted that many of these deployments are completely illegal without approval from the state in question, such as Syria.

The maintenance of these overseas garrisons costs the country trillions of dollars which would could be more wisely spent on improving infrastructure, US healthcare, education and a massive homeless population. However, it is unlikely these funds will be diverted to these critical necessities as the US military is the main enforcer of enacting the will of America’s top capitalists.

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