CAUGHT RED HANDED? Syrian army captures FRENCH armaments in Dara’a province

Syrian victories continue to uncover the hand of EU and US in backing terrorism


Syrian victories continue to uncover the hand of Israel, some EU states, and the US in backing terrorism. The Syrian Army has captured several APILAS anti-tank systems manufactured in France in the south of the country, local media have said.

It is said that the systems were manufactured by the French armament and military equipment maker, Nexter. According to the issue, the guns were captured in Daraa province.

APILAS is an anti-tank system with cumulative ammunition of 112 mm caliber. It is used for the destruction of fortifications and shelters, as well as armored equipment. The range of the APILAS reaches 600 meters, depending on the target.

The use of these systems in Syria came to be known in 2015, when two of these equipment were captured from combatants of the Free Army of Syria.

Several sources claim that the system entered the country through Jordan.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army has continued smashing terrorist positions in Daraa province and have liberated huge swathes of the Syria-Jordan border previously controlled by militants. This spells bad news for terrorist forces operating in Daraa province as they will not be able to get smuggled equipment from Jordan.

However, in looking at Jordanian official reports, there is nothing publicly available indicating that Jordan has ‘lost’ any of their own supplies, nor at this time of publication, is FRN aware, or able to reveal, that Jordan has previously purchased these.

Rather, there appears to be mounting evidence that agencies and interests operating under France’s authority and flag, directly channeled its weapons to terrorist forces operating in Daraa

The Syrian Army have now completed surrounded Daraa city, meaning the terrorists who refused to evacuate have two options; either reconcile with the Syrian government and surrender, or die fighting. Terrorist forces still control the southern districts of Daraa city and much of the western countryside.

The Syrian Army are believed to launch operations against terrorists in the western countryside, where it is thought it will be a much tougher operation compared to the eastern countryside. This is because this is where the bulk of Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra are located, as well as ISIS. These terrorist groups operate without any attacks by Israel who instead air strike Syrian Army, Hezbollah and Iranian positions, despite these forces fighting Al-Qaeda and ISIS. This is because Israel finds these three actors, collectively known as the Axis of Resistance, to be the only legitimate threat to the existence of the Zionist entity.

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