Chechen leader Kadyrov: ‘U.S is preparing a Trojan horse for Iran!’


US President Donald Trump has promised Iranian protesters “US aid at the right time.” Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov recalled other cases in which the US offered its “help” in recent history.

“Other people who have recently received strong support from the United States are those from Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Vietnam, etc. They are preparing a Trojan horse for Iran!” wrote the leader of the Russian republic on his Twitter account.

The Chechen politician thus referred to the intervention, including military, of Washington in other countries, especially in the Middle East, in recent years.

All the countries that the Chechen leader mentioned, because they opposed America’s interests, were involved in a deep crisis and barely managed to preserve their territorial integrity, except Vietnam, which resisted the US invasion between 1955 and 1975 and maintained its sovereignty.

The Chechen leader’s remarks came after a decision by the UN Security Council to hold a special session at the request of the US representative in the organization dedicated to the protests in Iran that have lasted for more than a week.

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The American initiative has already been commented on by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, who recalled the vast experience of the United States in large demonstrations of protest.

Moscow’s position on the riots in Iran is based on the inadmissibility of any external interference in the internal affairs of any country.

Tehran, for its part, accused outside forces of being behind the protests in the country, or at least taking advantage of them to favor its own anti-Iranian agenda.

Kadyrov, unlike other Muslim leaders like those in Saudi Arabia, encourages inter-Muslim unity, and for this reason he is a huge supporter of maintaining Iran’s sovereignty as well as Syria’s. Despite Iran being a target by US imperialists, Russia maintains strong relations with the Islamic Republic.

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