CONFESSION: Israeli Army admits to ”retaliatory” attack on Syria (VIDEO)


The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) admitted on Wednesday that the attack on Syria was  ‘retaliation‘.

According to a statement released by the IDF, the attack was carried out due to a supposed air raid by a Syrian drone over the Golan Heights, an area internationally recognized as a part of Syria, even by Washington, but occupied by Israel.

In other words, any Syrian military action against IDF forces in the Golan Heights, is legally permissible by international law, since Israel is the aggressor state which is illegally occupying and attempting to annex the Golan Heights. Israel’s ‘retaliation’, however, is illegal by any consistent international norms.

“Earlier tonight, Wednesday July 11th, the IDF targeted three military posts in Syria in response to the infiltration of the Syrian UAV into Israel that was intercepted by the IDF earlier today,” the IDF said from their official twitter account.

“The IDF attacked three Syrian army positions in response to an invasion of a Syrian UAV [Drone] that was intercepted on Wednesday,” the military said in a statement.

Syrian state media reported an attack on the country’s infrastructure in the vicinity of the villages of Hader and Tel Qurum Jebba.

According to them, the attacks caused only “material damage” as the missiles fired by Israeli forces were blocked.

Local media reported on Wednesday, Syria’s defensive forces blocked an Israeli attack on Quneitra Province in the southern region of the country.

There are also military sources who claim that the IDF fired on Syrian army stations near the cities of Hadar and Juba. According to the SANA news agency, only material damages were caused by the attacks, with no fatal victims or confirmed injuries.

Speaking about the previous attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that he had no intention of overthrowing the Assad government but wants the expulsion of Iranian forces from what he called “Syria devastated by the war,” according to news channel News Asia citing an official source from Israel.

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