CRIMINAL: Netanyahu threatens Gaza with greater attacks


Israel is ready for a far more powerful attack on Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip if necessary, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.

“At the end of the week, we have taken a hard blow to Hamas. If necessary, we will carry out an attack that will be seven times more powerful,” the Zionist leader said.

Israeli officials have been betting on the use of force to end so-called riots in the Gaza border zone, launching military action, threats and economic sanctions against members of the Hamas led semi-government in Gaza.

Yesterday, a high-level source in Jerusalem said the organization would have agreed to Israeli demands, promising to stop the riots at the border, including the launching of fire balloons against Israel.

Last Friday, Israeli forces bombarded about 70 supposedly Hamas-owned facilities in Gaza after an Israeli soldier was killed along with four Palestinians during a gunshot exchange in the border area. After the attack, which took hours, the source was informed that the two parties would have reached an agreement under the mediation of Egypt.

The Israeli Air Force conducted large-scale attacks on Palestinian positions in Gaza on Friday in response to a “grave border incident.”

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The military had previously reported that its border forces had been attacked by snipers from the open air prison known as Gaza.

Earlier, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman had warned of a possible “major and painful” military operation in the Gaza Strip, accusing Hamas of provoking it.

In recent months, Israel has experienced numerous attacks with kites, balloons and other objects running like incendiary bombs. According to The Times of Israel, tensions between Tel Aviv and the Gaza Strip have reached their highest peak since 2014.

Although Israel claims it is only attacking Hamas positions, the reality has seen several civilian positions hit leading to casualties.

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