by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah –  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! THE WHITE HELMETS AND ‘ISRAEL’ ARE COZIER THAN COCKROACHES IN A STATEN ISLAND GARAGE PACKED TO THE BRIM WITH TRASH. Yes, Zionist media outlets worldwide have been confirming left and right that the usurping Zionist entity has evacuated 800 Al-Qaeda-connected “humanitarians” from the White Helmets in southern Syria… through occupied Palestine… then into Jordan, where they will be repatriated to Britain, Canada and Germany. It’s hard not to derive the utmost joy from such news because it is truly a gigantic dagger in the very heart of the somehow-still-breathing “Syrian revolution” narrative.


When we bellowed that the White Helmets are receiving money from the US and UK ZOGs, the “Syrian revolution” activists scoffed at us, saying it doesn’t mean a thing and all types of people take money from all types of sources –idiotic, no doubt, but this was their argument nevertheless.

When we thundered that Zionist Jew George Soros–yes, ignore the fake spat between Netanyahu and Soros in the media, the latter is indeed a Zionist whose bloody money can be found massively infused into the budgets of J-Street, Chabad, the United Jewish Appeal and more–was funding the White Helmets too, the “Syrian revolution” activists thumbed their noses at us, calling us “anti-Semitic” and “far-right-wing”.

When we exposed the intimate links between the White Helmets and the CIA-backed Takfiri group Noureddine al-Zinki, which cut off the head of Palestinian boy Abdallah al-Issa in Aleppo’s Handarat Camp two summers ago, they covered it up like it didn’t even happen.

When we unveiled that many of the White Helmets were actual terrorists themselves merely moonlighting as “human rights” campaigners, the “Syrian revolution” activists ignored us.

And when Jewish Hollywood, the pinnacle of establishment depravity and the very antithesis of revolution and resistance, nominated the White Helmets for an Oscar and Zionist tool George Clooney said he’d follow it up with a film about them, the “Syrian revolution” activists were proud of it.

But there ain’t nowhere to hide and no excuse to concoct after this one. We’ve said that the White Helmets were no more than the hijacked “civil defense” mask on Takfiri terrorism being used by ‘Israel’ and its Western Shabbos Goyim to justify a full-on invasion of Syria… And here we stand with ‘Israel’ saving the sorry, crypto-Wahhabi, child-killing asses of its top media asset all out in the open.

Just like it did with the SLA. Just like it does with various Kurdish terrorist groups. And just like it’s been doing with the anti-Iranian MEK. As for London, Berlin and Ottawa? They made the White Helmets’ bed alongside the usurping ‘Israeli’ cancer. Now they can lay down with them.

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And the “Syrian revolution” activists? Well. The egg on their faces is glorious. Downright and deliciously glorious.

#LongLiveTheSyrianArabRepublic #DeathToIsrael #WhiteHelmetsAreAlQaeda #WhiteHelmetsWorkForZion


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