Dara’a Update: Heart of the ‘revolution’ is liberated by the Syrian Army

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The Syrian Army has continued its impressive offensive against terrorist forces operating in southern Syria. The most significant advancement was the complete liberation of Dara’a city, the heart of the so-called ‘revolution’ that began in March 2011.

Shortly after the cities complete liberation, the Syrian flag was hoisted near the infamous Omari Mosque where protests began in March 2011. This mosque was used as a staging point and weapon storage site for militants when they began their violent insurrection against the Syrian state. This is considered a major ideological blow to jihadists all over Syria.

Meanwhile, the entire border between Syria and Jordan has been sealed, meaning terrorists operating in southern Syria who were getting a consistent flow of weapons from the United States, France, Saudi Arabia and other states. no longer has access to such weaponry.

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However, with Dara’a city and eastern and southern countryside liberated, the most critical part of the operation is coming now, to liberate the southwest portion of Syria. This is considered the most dangerous part of the operation as the areas left to liberate are regions adjacent to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. It is expected that Israel will continue striking Syrian Army positions in an attempt to prevent pro-Syrian government forces regaining control of this region.

This is despite the fact that the majority of this region is held by ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates, particularly the Al-Nusra Front. For the duration of the war, Israel have not a single time attacked ISIS or Al-Qaeda in this region, and even in one instance, ISIS apologized for accidentally attacking Israel.

Once this part of Syria is liberated, the only remaining areas of the country to go back under government control are the eastern areas that are occupied by US-backed forces and jihadist-held Idlib and its surrounding regions in northwest Syria.

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