DETACHED FROM REALITY: Ukraine invents ‘supermanship’ to join NATO

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Ukraine can secure NATO membership through closer military collaboration with the West, said the head of the Ukrainian Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies Center, Valentin Badrak.

The US has maintained through both the Obama and Trump administrations, that there is no role for Ukraine in NATO. Ukrainian leaders, on the other hand, given their war effort against the rebellious Russian ethnic majority in the country’s former east, feel they have among the closest working relationships with NATO today. So there is some reason why they believe that NATO wants anything more than a ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’.

He admitted that for the time being, the country’s territorial problems make it impossible for Kiev to join the alliance, however, according to him, there is a method to solve this problem more quickly.

“There is, of course, a supermanship, but it’s hard to say if the West agrees with it,” Badrak said in an Apostrof interview .

The “supermanship” suggested by the analyst predicts that a US anti-aircraft base and several divisions of the Patriot missile systems will be installed in the territory of Ukraine, thus ensuring a “barrier” through NATO units in the country.

Badrak added that in this case, Ukraine will feel “more protected” than the Baltic countries.

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In December 2014, deputies of the Supreme Rada adopted amendments to laws that repeal the previously established status of Ukraine as a non-aligned country. In June 2016, the country’s entry into NATO was officially recognized as an objective of the country’s foreign policy.

In accordance with the agreements between Kiev and Brussels, Ukraine must ensure, by 2020, the full compatibility of its Armed Forces with those of the Atlantic Alliance.

In turn, the former NATO-born secretary, Anders Fogh Rasmussen pointed out that to join the alliance, Ukraine must meet several requirements whose achievement can take years. According to several experts, Kiev will need at least 20 years to do so.

Ukraine in a wild bid to serve its masters in Washington and Europe are making every effort to join NATO and the European Union so that it can sever its close cultural and historical ties to Russia through ultranationalism that sets to disassociate the close kinship of Russians and Ukrainians. This bid has seen laws that has received scorn from all its neighboring countries, including Russia and Hungary.

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