DISINFO? Israel claims communications with Russia prior to Syrian jet downing

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The Israeli military claims it held talks with Russia over the situation of the Syrian Air Force plane, which was shot down on July 24th, an Israeli embassy official in Russia, Alex Gandler, said.

Israeli missile systems downed a Syrian Air Force plane, a Sukhoi, on Tuesday after the jet entered the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, while Damascus says the plane was carrying out a military mission against ISIS terrorists and did not cross the border.

One pilot of the plane shot down died while the fate of the other is still unknown.

“The communication channel with Russia was used to ensure that the aircraft was not Russian,” Gandler said, adding that according to Israeli military data the plane fell from the T4 airbase.

While existing deconfliction lines are in place to prevent and increase in possible hostilities by agreeing that Russian targets are not acceptable, often these stories circulate in disinformation channels to suggest that Israel and Russia have a broader agreement to the detriment of Syrian sovereignty. There is no evidence to date that such an agreement exists.

Israel has a history of using its negative reputation to smear others with ‘support’. For example, Israeli press went into overdrive in the 2013 period an onward, to claim that Israel prefers Assad over ‘rebels’, on the reasoning that Assad is secular and the rebels are ‘Islamists’. At face value, this would make sense, and this created a false impression and confirmation bias for would-be jihadists around the world who flocked to join the ranks of the foreign invasion of Syria. In reality, Israel has provided medical, military, armed, and logistical support to both the FSA, ISIS and Al Qaeda groups. Additionally they have supported Kurdish outfits, also backed by the US.

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At the same time, Gandler did not answer the question whether the Israeli side had notified Russia of its intention to use Patriot missiles after the plane entered the Golan Heights airspace.

Israel has occupied the Golan Heights since the conclusion of the Six Day War with Syria in 1967. Although Israel has annexed the territory for itself, this move is unrecognized by all states in the world, including its closest ally, the United States. UN Security Council Resolution 497 clearly condemns the occupation and does not recognize the de facto annexation of Syrian land by Israel. 

The Syrian military has engaged in a successful campaign to clear the southern regions of the country from terrorist forces with the only remaining area being held by ISIS. Israel downed the jet knowing full well that the purpose of the aircraft was to attack ISIS and was not a threat to the Israeli military.

This once again demonstrates that Israel is defending ISIS as it is willing to attack forces fighting against the terrorist group, but it is yet to conduct a single airstrike against ISIS. This is because ISIS is no threat to Israel, and even in one instance ISIS apologized for attacking Israeli soldiers. Yet, despite this, many Palestinians still support ISIS despite the close connections it has to Israel.

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