DPRK’s Kim writes letter to Trump celebrating Detente

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Great progress has been made in the relationship between the United States and North Korea, and this will result in future meetings between the two countries, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wrote in a letter to US President Donald Trump, released on Thursday.

“In the hope that our invariable confidence in you, Mr President, will be strengthened further in the future process of practical measures. I am convinced that epic progress in promoting relations between the USA and North Korea will result in a next meeting,” Kim wrote.

Kim said he believes that the will, efforts and unique approach he and Trump will take will provide a new future for the United States and North Korea.

Trump and Kim met on June 12 in Singapore and signed a Pyongyang denuclearization agreement in exchange for the freezing of military exercises in South Korea and eventual relief of sanctions against the Asian country.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited North Korea last week to monitor compliance with the Singapore agreement and stated that Pyongyang has confirmed its commitment to denuclearization.

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Meanwhile, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Friday that Kim Jong-un will have the chance to achieve a major goal for his country if he moves forward with the peacemaking plans with the United States.

“If leader Kim maintains the promise of denuclearization, he could lead his country to prosperity,” Moon told Reuters in a speech during a visit to Singapore. “This path is never easy, but if the summit agreements are implemented sincerely, the goal can be achieved,” he added, referring to Kim’s meeting with US President Donald Trump last month.

According to the South Korean president, Seoul hopes to build an economic community on the peninsula when Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions are eradicated, however, it remains to be seen whether both sides will adhere fully to the agreements.

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