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On July 8, news broke that Syria’s anti-aircraft defense systems hit an Israeli Air Force plane. Political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev commented on this significant event.

Syrian anti-aircraft systems hit an Israeli Air Force aircraft carrying out attacks on the Tifor airbase (T-4) in Homs province, the Syrian news agency SANA reported. The Israeli military did not comment on its possible involvement in the attack.

In early July, the Israeli Army sent additional armored and artillery forces to the de facto border with Syria as part of the Syrian Army offensive in the region. According to the military, the reinforcement with military equipment from the occupied Golan Heights is aimed at preserving security and does not change the Israeli policy of supposed non-intervention in the affairs of other states.

Russian expert on political affairs, Andrei Suzdaltsev, commented on the actions of Israel.

Israel is very sensitive not only to the withdrawal of the fighters from the enclaves near Damascus at the border, but also to the sending of the Iranian military to these regions,” he said.

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Israel is very angry about this,” he said. “The opposition fighters to Assad [Bashar Assad, president of Syria], according to Israelis, were more beneficial than the Syrian Army, with which they [Israelis] do not have good relations and tries to support the opposition by targeting Iran in the first place,” Suzdaltsev explained.

He said it was not the first time air defense systems had damaged Israeli planes. This means that Israel, to some extent, is involved in this conflict, and not on the side of the Syrian government.

“The most important goal today is to get the conflict de-escalated, not transforming it into a large-scale Syrian-Israeli war. The Syrian Army already has enough problems in its territory,” he said.

The Russian expert however did not mention that these so-called militants on the border between occupied Golan Heights and Syria are actually ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups.

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