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Trump was actually born in the real occupy Wall Street

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So Trump was actually born in the real occupy Wall Street, and therein lies both the rub, the illusion, and the confusion.

FRN’s Joaquin Flores writes a letter to his 69 year-old dad, also a former labor union organizer like himself, to explain the situation in the US today. The paradigm has shifted, and those wedded to the old ways are very much confused and quite lost at sea. The left and right concepts are melting away, and glacial rivers are violently casting the uninitiated aside. 


Dear Pops,

The reason I ask if you read Fort Russ News is that besides our coverage of Russia and Syria, we have articles even from Mexican communists, an American “red” Donbass rebel, a pro-Soviet grandchild of holocaust survivors, and former supporters of the alt-right, combined, all writing about the Trump phenomenon in entirely different ways than you have it framed. Your framing is a result of the L.A Times, NYT, the Nation, Economist, etc. and the liberal establishment.

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I’m confused as to why you’d get your talking points and ideas about Trump from the very same bouquet of publications that derailed and smashed the labor movement that you spent so many decades building. And why still thinking in the democrat/republican dichotomy.

You taught me to be a critical thinker, and to question all narratives, and this is where its led me.

That’s why I ask about what media sphere you are in. Therefore, results not surprising, is all I mean.

People are not rational, they are emotional and narrative driven. But their stomachs never ever lie. It is the year 2018, not 1998, let alone 1978. Left is right, up is down.

I can only imagine yourself in 1980 thinking about how your dad saw the world, as being attached to long past and historically debunked narratives and ideas that weren’t really relevant since the 1940’s and 50’s, and even then were probably not quite right.

So you can understand where I’m at too. And I’m (probably in no way at all!) prepared for where my kids one day will be at as a consequence. I’ll just have to defer to them at some point. For the first shall be last and the last shall be first, the son shall not suffer the inequity of the father, yada yada yada. In reality, I’ll be lost too.

The crazy mad-man landlord con-artist Trump took on the deep-state, the intelligence services, and the ideology of universalism which justified US imperialism since Woodrow Wilson. You may have totally missed it when last week before arriving in Russia, Trump said that universalism no longer applies. That universalism is not realism, only spheres of influence is realism. Everything else is ideology masking a goal to establish a global sphere of influence, singularly. This is what the ‘uneducated’ and ‘unwashed’ masses call the New World Order. It is run by the ‘Globalists’, whom the  left calls ‘Capitalists’, but whom we can all agree are ‘Bankers’.  Others still will call them (((Bankers))).

Truth is stranger than fiction, reality the weirdest story of all. If a narrative makes too much sense, it’s probably fake. Stories have authors. If it’s a bunch of random incoherent and unpredictable shit, that’s probably reality.


And reality is strange the way it broke down.

I’m somewhat inspired when people push back against any number of the Trump policies at ‘home’, but also realize they are distractions which meaningfully differ little from what we say under Obama. I do believe in a healthy movement on the streets, to keep Trump’s populism as legit as possible. I’m inspired when Trump pushes against the neocon and neoliberal war agenda abroad. Funny how that works.

I guess the general gist is that you’re focusing on policies, and not really engaging on the overall titanic shift of sea-changing proportions underway.

In terms of DACA, DAPA, stats stats stats etc., these are governance and policy issues, and the American system is based on outsourcing very mundane ‘rational’ (in the Marcusean/Heideggerian meaning of rational, — not good, like an efficient machine is not good for people per se, but rational) approach to policy formation and enforcement, to non government agencies such as non-profits.

Only in the US and similar, does the left think they are doing activism by being basically social workers and government agency employees, which is just the normalized rational function of a bourgeois state.

Once you see non-profits as just another form, but private/charity instead of governmental, of governance and policy formulation, you’ll stop failing to miss the essence of the moment that you’re in.

So you need to go more ‘meta’ and less ‘this and that policy’. Because no one is interested in this or that policy. That’s where the Dems super duper seriously lost the script. That was the major fuck up. They failed to understand Ron Paul and the rise of economic literacy brought on by internet 2.0.

Now, the social-democratic left in the US and even in Europe, is economically illiterate. There is much higher economic literacy among the libertarian and related spheres, than on the social-democratic left. That said, libertarian economic illiteracy stems from a failure to understand macro-economic phenomenon, and fails to make proper definitions of its terminology. Then its latent in idealism, and unjustifiable calls for ‘voluntary’ action and ‘non aggression’, which represents a naive and sentimental stage in early bourgeois liberalism. They have no model of how power works.

Where the social-democratic left ‘should’ be strong if they understand left-Keynesian economics, we can see that they don’t when one looks at any of the literature commonly consumed by the center-left and leftward audience and beyond; there’s no contemplation of how economies of scale are really functioning in relation to fractional reserve banking, fiat currency reserves, and what the ownership of vast amount of treasury bonds by China and Japan amounts to, in the context of a dwindling petro-currency.

So Trump is actually born from the real occupy Wall Street, and therein lies both the rub, the illusion, and the confusion.

Where you lost the script sort of ‘finally’ was during Occupy Wall Street. Your media sphere entirely misrepresented the phenomenon, and a whole section of what would go on to power the Trump phenomenon activism was present at Occupy Wall Street. NOT the tea-party.

And I don’t mean the fake Occupy (Fauxccupy) that the DNC sent Organized Labor to attempt (but fail at) co-opting, but the real Occupy Wall Street which was really a confluence of left protest for the sake of protest culture protesting, but with a new wave of also young, more economically literate (than most anarchists and communists today) well learned people who probably more saw themselves as constitutionalists, libertarians, anarcho-individualists, and anarcho-capitalists, techies, centrists, and people moved by the 2007 housing market crisis, without concern for labels and structured belief systems, and ideologies.

The failure of the left in any iteration to understand and embrace this milieu led to the rise of the increasingly identitarian alt-right. You see, it’s the left’s ‘fault’.

What the Democrat Party learned from the attempt to co-opt the Occupy experience, was retooled and weaponized to create the artificial wing of Black Lives Matter, financed by George Soros. But that was built on years of an external campaign of making color revolutions in countries ranging from Serbia to Libya and Syria.


The Color-Spring organizers all share our same background in labor and community organizing. I remember you showing me Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ as a kid. But frankly, Marx and Lenin are heads and shoulders above that noise. So it’s not the methods that dictate the outcomes, it’s not the means that determine the ends – as the left, especially the liberals and anarchists – have wrongly thought for years upon years.

You think Soros is a genuine philanthropist, but he would be assassinated on the spot and instantaneously by any upright and justice-oriented person from Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, the Balkans, Central/eastern Europe, etc. etc. ad naseum ad infinitum.


That’s what people are talking about today. Paradigmatically, the US is a third world country for most of its citizens. So there isn’t a lot of middle-class white guilt about immigrants, because there isn’t really a middle class, and again, paradigmatically, the politics of the ‘victim’ is over. It’s just been used and abused too much, and people don’t like victims, they like resisters. And while yes, they may use the language of resistance for our would-be victims, they are still presented as heart-string tugging victims. Sorry, America says, if that’s the line of thinking, we are all victims ourselves. Other victims can get in line.

There is a strong and growing sense that the left is weaponizing racism just as the old reactionary right weaponized racism in the past. It’s a divide and conquer tool. But this time instead of the chicano or black being the unjustly treated out-group at the hands of many whites, it is the whites themselves that are the socio-political outgroup en masse. Blacks understand a major problem is the police state and racial profiling, but the Soros wing of BLM ignores the police-state affecting whites. More divide and conquer, on purpose. And whites are still the majority, so there is a democratic dimension and questions of self determination of whites in America as well. So it’s just been flipped around, and yet we still lack an acceptable discursive framework from within which white’s sense of injustice over this manipulative process I’ve described, can be expressed. So that will lead to further radicalization of disenfranchised whites.

The still comfortable middle-class ‘left’ of lesser-evilism democrat party voters like your demographic, are very much out of touch with whites who have never recovered from the 80’s, and never recovered from the 90’s mock-up temp-slavery version of the recovery from the 80’s, and never recovered from the 2007 housing market crisis. Remember, that was a bubble propped up to pretend that the endemic crisis of capitalism itself was only a series of hiccups lasting 30 years, from Reagan till today.

Things just got worse and worse. And yet you still clung to the idea that one had to work in the system. Why? Why not take up scuba diving, yoga, or organizing against the system through building dual institutions of power? Why work in the system? Because to your systemic hammer, all problems are policy nails.

So the tables have turned, and it’s your demographic that is propping up the system, only with the religion of victimhood, the justification of activity based on the ideology of the victim, as the rationalized ideology of control. But in fact your whole gestalt has predominated by pretending not to predominate, for the last 30 years.

Any Democrat running on policies, is going to lose. You’ll see attempts from Democrats to capture Bernie steam under Clinton control using people of color front men, and you’ll see Socialism as a word used. But when those politicians are then brought through electoral victories, they will lose their base as single payer turns to managed care, free university turns into trade school vouchers, support for Palestine turns into two-state solution, etc. etc. We’ve already seen it time and time again.



Trump represents a paradigmatic shift, and the opposition both in Republicans and democrats to him, is still talking policies. That means they’ll lose again too in 2020.

The fight for 15, bullshit, the fight for numerical sums, bullshit, because of speculative economy driven inflation, and cost-push and demand-pull inflation on top of that. That’s three distinct layers of inflation engines, going in overdrive, all at once. By the time ’15’ is won, it will be worth 9. And you’ll be going on to the next fight for 20, which will by worth, again, what 9 is worth right now (but called ’15’). See how that works?

That’s why you’ll have to get into reading about fiat currencies, what the federal reserve actually does (not even Chomsky could answer this, to give you an idea of the illiteracy on the institutional left on that subject).

The Democrat Party represents for millions of people who are growing, the party of Disney, Child molestation and pedophilia, of Hollywood elites and their depraved decadence and undeserved wealth, the murder of journalists and whistle-blowers, the fiat currency and never-ending lies about social reform, the repression of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, human trafficking, the new cold war against Russia, the deference to Zionism when it matters.

That’s why you’re unable to grasp the moment, and the ‘policy wonk’ justification for supporting the Democrat party because of this or that policy is precisely what the real voices of Occupy Wall Street were all about. That’s why the only true slogans ever raised were ‘End the Fed’ and ‘99%’. Because the Fed bailed out Wall Street. The Too Big to Fail. That has nothing the fuck to do with migration or wage and hour issues. The first rule of Occupy was, anyone who raises a slogan other than end the fed or 99%, isn’t occupy. So no one believed the obvious infiltration by paid SEIU staff of the occupy movement, or the rank opportunism of the local hard left who helped them hold signs, with the embarrassingly illiterate slogan ‘fight for 15’ or ‘tax the rich’. Those are both about wealth redistribution in our minds, but in fact just about printing more money, which is currency debasement. Currency debasement is always upwards distribution of wealth. So it’s a legit and brilliant scam, what the left proposes here, upon the working class and the people.


See, people hate this policy wonk approach to politics. Latino’s already make up now about 1/5th of the whole US population. You’re simply not going to gain any traction – I’m not talking where your heart is at or ‘what is right’ – I’m talking about understanding the ocean you’re actually swimming in. You’re simply not going to gain traction saying that we need to get that 1/5th number to 1/4th or 1/3rd. Because everyone knows it’s going to go there anyway too soon, even with an internal Latino population, even with the borders shut off completely, because of Catholic breeding patterns. That’s how regular people not steeped in policy wonk special interest politics, are looking at it. That’s the populism you see today. That’s how people feel today.

People are seeing through dishonesty, and the old language traps are used up and done for. If reconquista is the goal, then we need to have an honest conversation about that. If there’s a Latino nation with self-determination in the  south-west US, or rights of return ‘back’ to the south-west US, then let’s speak of it in such terms. Because then we’d be looking at a Euro-American nation also. Now of course there’s issues of interpenetrated peoples, and identities we carry in our minds in diverse urban centers. But the point here is that we have to have an honest discourse, and stop hiding reconquista sentiments under the rubric of ‘human rights’. Because European-Americans don’t have right of return to Europe, so the left is promoting what will ultimately be a race war, full scale, if they don’t chill the fuck out and back off this disingenuous approach to policy-wonkism on immigration.

And in what way is it good for Mexican or El Salvadoran people on the whole, if it’s most determined, steadfast, hard-working people go to the United States? That’s labor drain, brain drain. These societies bore the cost of raising, feeding, and educating these people. Those leaving, migrants to the US, are acting out of self interest, not some ‘people’ interest that the left constructs, and creates narrative overlays on top of that. These are among the most individualist types, leaving their people behind in search of what works best immediately for themselves as individuals, and their immediate loved ones. And that’s not a criticism, that’s how all people actually function.

The paradigmatic question today is, how is wealth made, and where does wealth come from? What is the balance of trade and debts, and how is that is no longer manageable? The US empire and NATO is no longer manageable. Trump is unwinding NATO. That can’t be a bad thing.

US policy now is about weakening the dollar, and you’ll know instantly all the positive things this entails in terms of export economy. Supply/raw material import dynamics will lag behind briefly, leading to short term price inflation, until it doesn’t, until it drops and price actually deflates as relative purchasing power increases, as people have actual jobs as opposed to increasingly declined credit cards.

At the very least we are seeing an increasing parity in the nominal wages and PPP between the first world and developing world. That will end migration, import economy, and credit driven economy. Those are the main issues for voters today, even though it’s cloaked in any number of simpler phrases and slogans like ‘Make America Great Again’, because the average person’s IQ is, by definition, 100. But this ‘Make America Great Again’ is actually lifting the third-world up to parity with the US. A market for US exports will also require a developing world with purchasing power. Imperialism gives way to Mercantilism.

Latin America is a whole other subject, but I suspect regional integration is under way. Will it be Imperialism? Maybe, almost certainly Mercantilism, at first. But then it will culturally and economically integrate into Latin America, the Cosmic Race, with US Latinos power brokering in Latin America and African Americans power brokering in the Caribbean and West Africa. East Africa goes to China. But with America, well that’s how great America can really be. Maybe even the greatest gift of all.






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