EXPOSED! NATO used depleted uranium in Libyan war

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According to a report of Libyan nuclear physicists, handed over to the government of national agreement in Tripoli, NATO used weapons with depleted uranium during the bombings in Libya in 2011 .

Nuri al-Druki, a counselor for the Libyan Environment Committee and Atomic Energy Committee, said that, “the official report, which proves the use by the coalition of depleted uranium munitions, was delivered to the government on Thursday.”

“We conducted the study at one of the headquarters of the Libyan army that was bombarded by NATO, where high-level locations were detected, and in making precise measurements we found that this radioactivity is a result of NATO’s use of depleted uranium missiles,” said the counselor.

He said he and his colleagues intend to address the International Atomic Energy Agency and other international organizations to request assistance in carrying out detailed studies of the existence of depleted uranium also in other regions of Libya that were bombed by the Western coalition.

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Natural uranium consists of isotopes, in which the main one is U-238, also contains the U-235 isotope. The uranium left after separation of the U-235 isotope from uranium ore is called depleted. They also use it in medicine and military industry. There is evidence of the ability of this waste from nuclear production to cause cancer and other serious diseases.

The military operation against the government of Muammar Gadhafi, led by NATO in 2011, led to civil war and divided the country into three parts with different governments and various groups of militants. The US-led NATO alliance supported jihadists and flooded the country with weapons. Once victory over Gaddafi was secured with his capture, torture, sodomization and murder, the NATO alliance flooded Syria with the very same weapons used in Libya. However, unlike an isolated Libya, Syria with the help of Hezbollah, Iran and Russia has resisted US imperialism and secured its survival.

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