FACEBOOK IN COLLAPSE: Censorship, privacy concerns triggers Mass Exodus

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In the last 48 hours we have witnessed a stage in Facebook’s collapse where truly it can be said that the platform’s problems have metastasized. Facebook lost $120 in stock value overnight, after several years of user concerns with privacy and censorship. For the under 25 age bracket in many markets, using Facebook is simply played-out, a sign of squareness and overly restrictive and commercialized on the whole.

This 25 and under age bracket is historically an excellent future indicator of trends. For this, and other demographics, Facebook has changed from a platform that allowed a degree of political and social freedom, to a massive  liability in terms of employment. In addition are problems with  personal data being sold, and so the ‘trade-off’ of being able to reach numbers of people and express one’s views in return, has been removed from the equation. So it’s obvious what’s going on as this hegemonic media giant loses control.

It mirrors what we have seen overall with the rise of increasingly ‘radical’ (i.e., healthy) politics, as the mainstream Atlanticist order continues to lose its grip in the war for hearts and minds. It comes as no surprise that

There was never really freedom on Facebook. There has always been persecution of people who dare to express opinions that go against the consensus of the consensuses officially sanctioned by the post-liberal Atlantic hegemony that governs the West. This was always known and recognized by all who still used Facebook in their strategies of dissemination of information and counter-hegemonic knowledge.

After all, despite the ever-threatening censorship, Facebook nevertheless came up with one of the most useful tools for disseminating ideas outside the official consensus. Notwithstanding, as early as the end of last year, Facebook announced that it would update its algorithms when the term “fake news” emerged, this has occurred in alternative political media, especially related to Donald Trump’s US presidential candidacy, with constant accusations which media corporations such as CNN termed “fake news” emerged to delegitimize mass media.


The media controlled by large corporations, mainstream TV media, major newspapers and major magazines, in effect serves as the “Ministry of Propaganda” of the systemic forces of liberal global hegemony. In the West, audiences of film and television are bombarded with ‘what if’ sorts of dystopic scenarios where a ‘scary’ totalitarian government in power overtly controls media messaging. While this is a more clear presentation, it serves the role of obfuscating the fact that such a “Ministry of Propaganda” exists already in the form of the simulated diversity of the ‘free press’, in reality owned by a handful of wealthy individuals and families, and with the same controls depicted in dystopic fiction.

But phrases can have two meanings, and the battle for terminology has already been won by the popular masses in many parts of the world.

The New Resistance political organization in Brasil notes that, for example, talking about “fake news” isn’t talking about counter-hegemonic media. It is the opposite, it refers to foreign bourgeois or corporate global organizations and all their media tentacles. But this hegemony maintains its status and its network of power precisely because of its latitude.

One of the fundamental characteristics of liberalism, of capitalism, is precisely this plasticity, which allows it to take ownership of everything, even what it intends to make it. From 2017, therefore, the mass media itself began to get hold of the term “fake news”, but in the opposite direction. TV channels, newspapers and magazines will start talking about it, but twisting it, in order to attribute the term to alternative and independent media.

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According to mass media, they alone would guard the legitimacy of the diffusion of news and information and in this perilous hour of ubiquitous “fake news” is that the people should place maximum confidence in journalism “with credibility”, obviously.

But the masses are not with them. Resentful with the instrumentalization of social networks by ‘radical‘ (healthy) organizations and counter-hegemonic figures, which has led to huge defeats to liberal bourgeois global hegemony in massive electoral sweeps in several countries; hegemonic forces doubled down on their old methods of control, and lost. These methods include the use of Facebook, and so it is now Facebook that suffers, and rightly so. Still, it is only natural that the hegemonic forces would use all in their power to push back.

As a result, by the end of 2017, Facebook announced the modification in its algorithms, and as of the beginning of this year, traffic and access to non-aligned or counter-hegemonic pages fell. This is something that has been reported by pages of the most diverse orientations and that work with the most diverse subjects: from pages left to rightist pages, from religious pages to philosophical pages, from scientific pages to artistic pages, and also to pages of the left, of labor, of social and economic justice. As we have seen it play out before

On average, the decrease in accesses was 40 -60%, but in the case of some pages, such as the MintPress News page, the fall in hits was 94%, conformed by themselves. Fort Russ News has also been hard hit, but the repression against this site began from the start, due to its clear and unequivocal reportage of the Ukraine conflict.

Some pages have been shut-down or marked by Facebook from complaints by “Fact-checkers”, in turn, being nothing more than an attempt to “neutralize” from the assumption of a falsely impartial and “scientific” posture, pretending that the approved positions are not in the interest of the Atlanticist hegemony. There is nothing to indicate that this wave of censorship and sabotage will stop soon. To the contrary, in February of that year Facebook announced a partnership with the US based think-tank “The Atlantic Council”, aiming to combat the “proliferation of disinformation,” especially during the electoral period.

Atlantic Council projects, including those led from the CIA recruitment and disinformation hub known as ‘Columbia University’, have led defamation campaigns against counter-hegemonic media figures such as Inessa Sinchougova, Jafe Arnold, Joaquin Flores, and Paul Antonopoulos – all of Fort Russ News.

The Atlantic Council, however, is financed by the main corporations of the military industrial complex, such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, as well as by the NATO and the UAE, that is, by parties that have a direct interest in the maintenance machinery of propaganda and war of neocon imperialism.

In other words, the instrumental viability of Facebook is narrowing. Fully aligned with the interests of global corporations, NGOs, and think-tanks, Facebook has since taken a more active stance in preserving the narrative hegemony of Atlanticism. Because we live in a time of resistance and awakening, these do not succeed, but instead push people away.

Their narrative is collapsing, and everything they do to prop up their narrative is in itself an anti-popular move which further collapses their narrative reach. The ailments of their media machine have now, officially gone metastatic.

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