FIFA CROATIA SCANDAL: Sorry, ”Slava Ukraine!” means only ONE THING

By Denis Churilov


By Denis Churilov  – A few words about the Croatian assistant coach Ognjen Vukojevic being kicked out from the World Cup 2018 for uploading a video with a political statement, in which he reportedly said “Glory to Ukraine”.


As reported:

KIEV. July 9. UNN. The international football Federation (FIFA) has decided to fine the member of the delegation of Croatia Vukojevic for unsportsmanlike conduct after the match of 1/4 of final of world championship with team Russia. About it reports a press-service FIFA, informs UNN.

After the match in which Croatia beat Russia in penalty shoot-outs, there was a video from the locker room of the Croatian team, which defender Domagoj Vida shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” And Vukojevic said that he dedicated the victory of Ukraine.

Subsequently Croatian football Federation has canceled the accreditation of the former midfielder Vukojevic for the World Cup 2018 and released him from the duties of one of the assistant coach.

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In this charming follow-up, he says to ‘burn Belgrade’ (to raze it, set on fire, etc.)  – ed

The Ukrainian nationalist greeting “Слава Україні!” (Slava Ukraine!), which is often translated as “Glory to Ukraine”, isn’t the same as “Vive la France”, or “Long live the Queen”. The greeting “Слава Україні!” was developed in the 1920s by the League of Ukrainian Fascists, which later developed into the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. The slogan should be translated as “Heil Ukraine”. The members of the OUN greeted each other with a fascist salute, and were involved in ethnic cleansing against the Polish, Jews and Russians. The OUN members were especially active as nazi collaborators on occupied lands during the World War II, forming “punitive battalions” and committing atrocities against civilians (look up Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118 and the Khatyn village massacre, as an example).

There are so many ways to say “Glory to Ukraine”. Why not “Хвала Україні”, for instance? Or something like “За Украину!” So many ways and forms that are peaceful and apolitical.

Shouting “Слава Україні!” / “Героям слава!” (“Heil Ukraine!” / “Heil the Heroes!”), however, is structurally and ideologically the same as shouting “Heil Hitler!” / “Sieg Heil!”

J. Flores’ pick –  best youtube comment from the above: 

“As a Croatian I am massively disappointed and angered at Vida’s behaviour on a number of counts.

1.) Politics should not have any place at any sporting events.

2.) As a semi literate kicker of the ball, he should not be expressing his personal opinions on the issues he barely understands whilst representing his nation. He is with all the others a representative of a country and he is not entitled to express his opinions while wearing that shirt.

3.) He is a selfish bastard as some of his teammates are earning their living in Russian clubs and this definitely cannot help their prospects there.

4.) He has insulted their hosts, abuse their hospitality and probably turned a lots of them against Croatia. I would bet that a vast majority of Russian spectators would have been supporting Croatia against England on Wednesday therefore damaging nation’s chances of further progress. How would we Croatians feel if at the competition played in our country a Russian player did a similar thing? Celebrate goals with raised three fingers or after beating Croatia saying “Slava Serbia”. Stunned at the stupidity of it all and regardless of consequences for the semi final Dalic should send him home. What an asshole …”

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