Google Maps captions Crimean bridge in Ukrainian

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Google Maps has subtitled the Crimean Bridge in Ukrainian language, noted several users of the service.

In the Google map you can see that, on the mainland side of Russia, the bridge is subtitled in Russian, while the part closest to Crimea has the designation in Ukrainian.

Google Maps Crimea Bridge is ostensibly subtitled in Ukrainian, however, closer to the Russian peninsula Taman bridge is subtitled in Russian. It must be a precaution

It is worth mentioning that the bridge itself appeared in the service of research and visualization of maps, however, with a two day delay. Strangely, although the bridge connects the two banks and is already in operation, Google Maps does not allow to make a route through the bridge, proposing to use a ferry crossing the Black Sea.

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The Crimean Bridge across the Kerch Strait, 19 kilometers long, has become the longest of such a bridge in Europe. The inauguration of the bridge, on May 15, happened one month earlier than the scheduled deadline.

Crimea reunited with Russia in 2014 after a referendum in which more than 90% of the residents voted for reunification. However, Kiev still considers the peninsula as Ukrainian territory.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that reunification occurred in a legal manner, in accordance with international law. Despite this, a number of international states led by the United States placed sanctions on Russia in response to this lawful reunification.

Crimea historically has been a part of the Russia until Soviet administrators decided to place the strategic peninsula under the administration of the Ukrainian Republic from the Russian Republic. This was not considered a major issue at the time as the Republic’s were united under the Soviet banner.

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