by Jonathan Azaziah - July 28th marked what would have been Hugo's 64th birthday.


by Jonathan Azaziah – July 28th would’ve been the 64th birthday of the Venezuelan Lion, the Bolivarian Miracle Man, the Grandsire of Latin Ameican Revolt In Century 21: El Comandante Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. To simply say that we miss him and wish he was still here would be gravely insulting to the concepts of longing and wishing. As many things as he achieved both inside Venezuela and out… As many people as he liberated both mentally through the spiritual-political ideology of Bolivarianism and physically through the national Revolution it bore as well as the regional changes it initiated… It just wasn’t enough. Not because these miraculous achievements haven’t changed Latin American history forever and infinitely for the better. But rather because the Benevolent Bull of Barinas should’ve had more time.

In the 14 years he was the democratic champion of the Venezuelan state, he nationalized oil, rice, fertilizer, banks, glass, cement, gold, telecommunications, steel and electric power. He wiped out malnourishment, illiteracy and extreme poverty. He constructed dozens of universities and over 13,000 clinics in free education and free health care programs that are among the most sophisticated in the world–so sophisticated in fact that Venezuelan doctors, like their Cuban teachers, engage in revolutionary medical activity globally. Ties with frontline Resistance states all over the world, including Iran and Syria, weren’t merely established but forged. Overt and militant opposition to the US-‘Israeli’ Empire became a societal norm because of Hugo’s fearlessness as he exposed the perfidy of Mossad openly and bombastically. The bond that he built with the Palestinian cause was unlike anything ever seen before in Latin America — not even with the Cuban Revolution — and he welcomed Palestinians into Venezuela with open arms. All this was accomplished in just a decade and a half. Imagine if he wasn’t infected by a Zio-Yankee “cancer implant”… Imagine if… Forgive the repetition… He had more time.

Noting all of this, in the wake of El Comandante’s martyrdom on March 5th, 2013 — still hard to believe we’ve lived in a world without his hulking physical presence for 5+ years now — the Bolivarian Revolution has not collapsed under its own Chavista weight without the Father of Chavismo like the Atlanticist think tank networks and NGO-human-rights-industrial-complex predicted.

With Nicolas Maduro, Tareck El Aissami, Diosdado Cabello and many more at the helm, defending Hugo’s legacy and building upon it, Venezuela has survived a most turbulent time and it continues building a better future for all of its citizens, especially the Black, Brown, Indigenous and formerly poor. The economic war against the nation in the waning years of the Obama ZOG was truly intense. And in the age of Trump, it has only gotten worse, with more sanctions, more funds to the partisans of traitorous Zio-Yankee-bought-scum like Leopoldo Lopez and Henrique Capriles Radonski, more support for destabilizationist groups like the Green Helmets and a very real threat of a military invasion.

At the beginning of July, during an event to promote Venezuelan military personnel, Chávez’s hand-picked, twice-elected President Nicolas Maduro responded to the Tangerine Terrorist’s regime which seeks to topple the Bolivarian Revolution and take control of its nationalized, Moustazafeen-uplifting oil reserves, “Venezuela must continue to defend its right to respond to its own problems with its own solutions, never will a military intervention by the US Empire will be a solution to our issues. Our Bolivarian Armed Forces cannot lower their guard for a second because we defend the greatest right that the country has in its history, the greatest right our people have, which is to live in peace, with dignity, with our own identity.” Diosdado Cabello, the head of the Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly and Hugo’s long-time right-hand man, was even more forceful, “Yankee America should beware.

“They do not even know how they will leave after. They will swallow dust if they try to step on our homeland. We will be another Vietnam for them, their nightmare.” In the face of an imperial enemy displaying the very peak of ruthlessness, we see the chief Bolivarians invoking Hugo’s fire and maintaining the utmost vigilance. Unmoved and unimpressed. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Last October, we saw the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) alliance led by the Chavistas secure a crushing, absolutely EVISCERATING win in the regional elections to elect state governors, notching victories in 18 of 23 governorships. And just two months ago in May, against the prognostications from the same aforementioned “experts” of the Judaic Imperium, former bus driver and current revolutionary tour-de-force Nicholas Maduro obliterated challenger Henri Falcon with a 4-million-vote triumph — 5.8 million votes to 1.8 million votes — to lock down another 6-year-term. Which means, despite the best efforts from the Orange Oaf, the Bolivarian Revolution lives on.

As the new “socialist” leader of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador joins the Zio-Yankee crusade against Venezuela, new top dog in Ecuador Lenin Moreno betrays everything his predecessor and Chavista Rafael Correa stood for, Mauricio Macri destroys what the Venezuela-aligned Kirchners built in Argentina, Martin Vizcarra (like his ex-boss international Jewish banker Pedro Pablo Kuczynski who Maduro called a “coward” and a “dog”) barks mad in Peru, Colombia keeps acting like the ‘Israel’ of the continent and the coup regime in Brazil continues to run everything Lula and the PT built right into the dirt, the Bolivarian Revolution’s successes become that much more vital to the thwarting of Global Zionism’s plots in Latin America. Clinging to the stoic and heroic life of El Comandante Chávez is beyond politics. It’s a matter of life and death.

Like Che Guevara, Victor Jara, Pablo Neruda, Salvador Allende, Frank País García and a plethora of other revolutionary personalities who gave their lives for freedom, truth, peace and justice in Latin America, El Comandante Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was a martyr. And in Islamic/Qur’anic teaching, martyrs are not dead but alive and receiving sustenance from the Creator.

As a man who had a deep affection for Islam and Muslims, a gem who staunchly followed Jesus Christ (A.S.), a champion of the oppressed who holds the distinction of being the only world leader outside of the Resistance Axis to be saluted by our guide and our pride Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah himself, and a giant who had an Anti-Parasitic understanding of the world and routinely gave verbal tongue lashings to the Pharisees, it’s assuredly safe to say that the Liberator of Venezuela is very much alive. Not only in the Bolivarian Revolution that he built from the ground up and which continues to fight on in his memory against Zion and its puppets, but in Mouqawamists across the planet who adore him, cherish his accomplishments and are applying his examples to how they stand up to the Beast.

Happy birthday El Comandante! How much you mean to us can never be fully put into words, art, music or anything else. We love you so much though that we won’t ever stop trying.

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