“HOAX”: Russia rejects ISIS claims of killed military personnel

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Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied media reports of suspected Russian military deaths in Syria in a terrorist attack by ISIS.

“The report released by internet news portal Lenta.ru, referring to the suspected Russian military deaths in Syria after a terrorist attack by ISIS is more of a hoax,” the ministry said in a statement.

According to the agency, “there were no losses among the Russian military in the province of Deir Ezzor, as well as in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic as a whole.”

The ministry also deplored the involvement of the Russian news portal in the dissemination of “misleading information, deliberately spread by ISIS terrorists.”

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ISIS are on the verge of complete defeat in Syria. Once possessing territory larger than most European countries, the terrorist organization are now in control of small portions of eastern Syria and the Golan Heights. Because of their massive decline from possessing huge swathes of territory, the terrorist organization now constantly releases fake news in an attempt to keep morale high despite facing complete annihilation and extinction in Syria.

It is also in the hope to continue receiving recruits, despite the impossibilities of it as they now no longer control any territory with Turkey were most jihadists poured in from to join the terrorist organization.

Russia has played a pivotal role in defeating ISIS in Syria. Despite the US-led coalition conducting airstrikes against ISIS since mid-2014, the group actually expanded during this period. However, since the Russian intervention in Syria in September 2015, the group now faces complete extinction. This is because the Russian air force first targeted convoys of oil trucks pouring into Turkey that were ignored by the US-led coalition, and thus crippling their finances. They then conducted professional operations with extremely close coordination with the Syrian Army, managing to liberate the majority of ISIS-held territory in Syria.

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