How Will China help rebuild Syria?

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According to what the Syrian economist, Munir Gneim, “for our region, which we can not refer to in terms of political and economic stability, the Chinese presence should be evaluated positively, as they are interested in stabilizing the region, and it will build strategic economic relations. ”

Gneim stressed that China has always paid special attention to Syria, which is due to the country’s significant geopolitical position in the region, while partnership with the Syrian government can be secure and long-term.
In turn, the director of the Ho Chi Minh Institute, Vladimir Kolotov, pointed out that China “has started a great game in the Middle East.”

“China proposes to join it to its great Silk Road project. The Arab world has a choice: to continue warring and destroying everything, what the US encourages it to do, or to follow a path of participation in international projects that will contribute to development and growth,” said the analyst.

Kolotov recalled that China’s economy is the largest in the world, which, he said, led to the economic war between Beijing and Washington.

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“Beijing realizes that it will face attempts to curb it, so it is already taking steps to protect its interests, it is seeking partners and is ready to pay for it,” he explained.

Vladimir Kolotov pointed out that most of the oil produced in the Middle East is destined for East Asia, which leads China to promote stability in the region.

Although China has not militarily supported Syria like Russia has, it has continued to engage with the war torn country economically and diplomatically. With the survival of the Syrian state from US-backed terrorists, China is now in a prime position to take up lucrative reconstruction contracts that are emerging now that the Syrian War is coming to its end. Meanwhile, anti-Syrian states have already vowed to not partake in reconstruction efforts, making it sound as if Damascus would do such a ludicrous thing to begin with by asking them to.

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