IN PLAIN SIGHT: US plans Evacuation of ISIS & Al-Qaeda’s White Helmets to Europe

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The United States, Canada and several European countries, particularly Great Britain and France, are considering the evacuation of members of the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets and their relatives from Syria.

According to the CNN network, the plan is to transfer about 1,000 members of the organization and their families to other countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom or Germany.

According to sources quoted by the channel, US President Donald Trump raised the issue at the NATO summit in Brussels and Western delegations persuaded Trump to examine the evacuation routes with Israel and Jordan.

In addition, it was stressed that the safety of the White Helmets may be one of the issues at the meeting between Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, but Western countries hope to find a way to implement the plan without any help from Moscow.

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The US Department of State announced on June 14 that it will allocate $6.6 million to the work of the White Helmets and the UN mechanism in Syria.

The State Department noted that Washington “strongly supports the White Helmets who have claimed to have saved more than 100,000 lives since the beginning of the conflict.” But on the ground journalists like Vanessa Beeley who spoke to civilians living in areas where the White Helmets supposedly operate said that they never saw the White Helmets and when they did it was only to help militants.

The White Helmets define themselves as a politically neutral and non-belligerent NGO dedicated to the protection of civilians in Syria. However, along with videos in which White Helmets rescue children from ruins, images were also released with the same officials wielding weapons. In other images, White Helmets appear manipulating videos and dictating to victims of the Syrian conflict what should be said in front of the cameras. Despite claiming to be neutral they never operate in government-held areas of Syria.

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