India will NOT give up buying Russian S-400 despite US pressure

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India and Russia have reached the last phase of negotiations on the sale of the Russian S-400 air defense systems, Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Friday, ignoring the pressure and discontent of the United States, Fort Russ News has come to learn. 

“We told the delegation of the US Congress [that visited India] that this is the law of the United States, not the United Nations,” said the minister, noting that this law does not apply to India.

The largely Hindi country also informed the US that it has long relations with Russia and that it will continue.

“We have had ongoing relations with Russia, and these have strengthened,” Sitharaman said.

The Indian minister also reported that that Moscow and New Delhi have reached the last phase of negotiations on the supply of the Russian S-400 Triumph system to India.

The Tribune newspaper recalls that in the last week of June, the US Senate approved the Sanctions Against American Counterfeiting Contingency Act (CAATSA), which provides for sanctions against countries that have “significant” relationships in the area of defense with Russia.

This also comes as the US is doing all it can to prevent Turkey from buying the system as well.

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The US representative in NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison, in an interview with Fox News said that Washington uses “any methods to thwart the purchase by Ankara of Russian anti-aircraft systems.” Commenting on the fact, a Turkish analyst said that this behavior ridicules the US itself.

Retired Turkish Air Force major and general Beyazit Karatas believes a new wave of pressure from Washington on Ankara is related to the formation of a new cabinet of ministers in Turkey.

“The US will continue to push Turkey in this direction, taking into account the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers. As we know, Turkey has adopted a new model of government, that is, a presidential republic with several new ministers entering the cabinet,” the analyst explained.

He believes that Washington, taking advantage of this situation, will continue to try to thwart the purchase by Ankara of the S-400 “in every possible way”.

In addition, Beyazit Karatas stressed that US attempts to prevent the purchase of Russian armaments by Turkey and American assumptions that “secret F-35 data could fall into the hands of Russia” only ridicule the US itself.

“For example, China had already acquired all the necessary information about the F-35 fighter, and developed the J-31 model itself … The US is no longer able to find a better excuse,” he said.

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